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  • Twisted Tuesdays with The Twisted Sisters

    in Poetry

    Welcome To Twisted Tuesdays with The Twisted  Sisters... and A Mister or Two .... Each Week We Will Provide Food For Thought !... From A Few Angles... We Encourage You  to Check Out The Late Night Poets Topic Board...or...The Allpoetry.com Contest Page ... We Would Love To See Where Our Ideas Take You !

  • Take A Solar Moment with the Conductorz of Conversation

    in Art

    Can we get a Witness? Why is it so interesting to have a conversation about what is law and what is an intamate request of the most high. 
    Many people think that when you pay your tithes, you are following the law. Yet, if you are gulity of breaking one law, what do you think about breaking other laws. 
    lev 27:30

  • Learn the Benefits of Accelerated Editing for Feature Documentaries

    in Film

    Accelerated Post™ is  a fast-track schedule designed to edit your doc in ten weeks–for half the cost! Join Karen Everett for how and why this works and how much you can save.
    For more information about Carole Dean and From the Heart Productions please visit www.FromtheHeartProductions.com.

  • Part 1: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Artist and Entrepreneur Laura Winckel

    in Art

    HARKER HEIGHTS,TX -- Laura Winckel is the owner of Quality Quilts by Laura. She runs an ever-growing business and has begun to take her talents into dynamic new teaching and lecturing engagements. She cautions other entrepreneurs not to fool themselves into thinking they can do it all. You have to focus on your strengths, relinquish some control or some capital, and let others take the load off of you. Otherwise, Laura says, you won’t be able to meet demands as the business picks up. 
    Laura’s business is headquartered in Harker Heights, Texas. Her town is pretty close to Houston, where some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious quilt shows are held. It is also an Army base, and Laura’s husband is a retired serviceman. This might explain why one of her major focuses as a quilting artist is the Quilts of Valor Foundation, established in 2003. Laura says being able to curl up in the quilts she collaboratively makes and awards, is a major source of warmth, pride and comfort for soldiers, and can even help with PTSD. To date, the foundation has awarded more than 180,000 quilts. Laura’s work for them has been featured in the Killeen Daily Herald and can also be viewed on her website and Facebook pages.
    In addition to social media and recommendations, she meets clients at competitions, advertises in magazines, and uses communications such as this radio series.
    Tune in to learn more about Laura’s work--which includes commissioned pieces, new and award-winning leather pieces, and the Quilts of Valor designs.
    For more information about Laura and her work visit https://www.qualityquiltsbylaura.com

  • Live With Ms. Anna Cley internationally recognized mezzo-soprano

    in Performing Arts

    Ms. Anna Cley participated in the One Health Gala, this month honoring world-renowned wildlife veterinarian & global health expert Dr. William Karesh & will be participating in the Mission Be Gala, October 18.
    Ms. Anna Cley, an internationally recognized mezzo-soprano. Her credits include:
    Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, Puccini’s Suor Angelica and Il Tabarro, Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana, Ravel’s L’enfant et les, Sortilèges, Rossini’s L’italiana in Algeri, Wagner’s Die Walküre, Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov, Rubinstein's The Demon, Mozart's Don Giovanni, Bizet's Carmen and Ms. Cley made several appearances at Carnegie Hall between 2014 & 2019. She has performed world wide with a variety of ensembles.
    22 years of singing experience, her coaching expertise has been valued by opera companies yielding tremendous results. She founded Voice On The Rocks in that purpose.
    Ms. Cley is the founding president of VOCALISE, a non-profit organization which goal is to help children recover from traumatic experiences through musical performances and workshops. She is also a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders.
    Anna is dedicated to charitable projects with a focus on children’s wellbeing:
    Supporting “Main dans la Main” (entertainment of children in hospitals), "Anica" (defends animals against torture and poor living conditions), "Freedom Ladder" (raises awarness against child trafficking), "Mission Be" (helps children thrive through mindfulness), "Sing for Hope" (provides music in hospitals and unexpected locations),
    2014 she founded her company “Souffle d’Or” to provide a lyrical music experience to those unfamiliar with this kind of events.
    March 2018 her 1st music video “Destinée”.

  • A Team of Voices with Kaye sharing poetry without boundaries 8/21/19

    in Poetry

    come one, come all to share your voice speaking your poetry  
    as we explore the quotes of Henry David Thoreau through discussion
    A Team f Voices invites you to tune in,
    click on, call up and speak out loud
    share your voice
    bring your favorite poem
    and read to poets from all around the globe
    we open the microphones and make way for you, the poet
    to choose the topic that you'd like to share with us 
    Our group is filled with poets from all around the world and
    YOU are welcome to stop in and share.

  • The Art Of Seduction...Quote Prompts

    in Poetry

    Welcome to "The Art Of Seduction..." The Secret of Seduction is bringing us to the edge of our seats ...Tempt Us.. Tease Us ... Sultry, Sexy, and  Passionate Poetry . Come On .. Give It A Try ... Nothing "Vulgar or Explicit"

  • Take A Solar Moment with the Conductorz of Conversation

    in Art

    What are you thankful for? What relationship are you most thankful for

  • After the Sirens with Lin Lockamy

    in Books

    Walking in Faith after a horrific crash is a life changing event for anyone.  Join me as I talk with Lin Lockamy about her horrific crash and how faith helped she and her family move in faith. She shares about her experiences in her new book available at www.LinLockamy.com

  • CUTV News Radio Spotlights Sculptor Joy Beckner

    in Art

    Chesterfield, MO – Joy Beckner is an artist and sculptor who models wax or clay into classical forms, which are then cast into bronze. Her attention to detail and commitment to creating strong representational work has resulted in many awards and invitations to membership in prestigious organizations. Today she is a fellow of the National Sculpture Society and a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists.
    Meticulously involved with every step of the sculptural process from modeling clay or wax to chasing and finish work, Joy also hires the best in the United States to produce her vision into bronze. She makes the original sculptures herself with tools and her bare hands. After that, it goes to a mold maker and then the mold maker makes a wax from the mold. Then, it goes to the wax chaser who fixes the wax. In fact, producing one piece requires the work of eight different people to fashion her original into a bronze figure.
    Best known for her series of dachshunds, Joy has earned international recognition and over 100 awards portraying these endearing animals. 
    “As a sculptor, I have to know anatomy,” says Joy. “Anatomy to me is very important. All mammals are variations on a theme of bones and muscles and when I sculpt I can imagine the bones and muscles.”
    The final piece is hollow, not heavy and can sit on your mantel as a reminder of your friend.
    “I'm proud of making things accurate without being too fussy,” says Joy. “People get lost in detail. Let them use their imagination. Let yourself feel, remember your furry friend, and I feel good about them.”
    For more information, visit www.Joybeckner.com

  • Author JL Ruiz on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT
    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)
    Viki Winterton interviews JL Ruiz! 
    JL Ruiz is a man of dual professions and passions. Born in Mexico City, JL moved to the U.S. after attending one of the Mexico’s most celebrated universities, UNAM. Not only is he a highly in-demand dentist with a portfolio of celebrity clients, he has also done important research within his field and serves as an educator giving monthly seminars. 
    JL Ruiz relocated to the United States as a young man and began his life as a Mexican immigrant. Facing the challenges and opportunities of living in America, JL contemplated society with an educated eye as he worked hard to make the best of his skills and knowledge. His books comprise of strong immigrant characters that spread important social and political messages as well as offer a great perspective on society, race and culture. 
    In his new book, Irreversible Damage: The Katie Suarez Social Justice Series,Katie Suarez is a U.S. born Mexican American living in a wealthy neighborhood in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Daughter to two  successful Mexican American lawyers, Katie goes through an unfortunate series of events that not only tear apart her family, but also leave her at standing at a crumbling precipice. 

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