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  • Mormon Playgirl

    in Performing Arts

    Mormon Playgirl
    solo performance · le rev · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · 1hr · United States of America
    CC Sheffield presents the many characters that make up her world- sometimes dark, sometimes hilarious, always unpredictable. From Mormon teen to the Babylon of Hollywood. Charlie Sheen, Harvey Weinstein and endless nights in the club. All the big and little triumphs that make a Mormon Playgirl.
    Learn More at itsccsheffield.com
    production team
    c.c. sheffield  performer/writer
    zara burdett  writer
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  • Pocketmon! A Parody Musical

    in Performing Arts

    Pocketmon! A Parody Musical  musicals and operas · the bardic bastards · Ages 16+ · flashing lights · world premiere · 90 mins
    Grab ahold of your Pocketballs! The Bardic Bastards return to the Hollywood Fringe after the success of their critically derided production “The Midnight Menagerie” with Pocketmon! an adult parody musical.
    Hilariously funny and heartwarmingly nostalgic, Pocketmon is a 90 minute special journey into the dark and zany world of Soot Snag’em as he attempts to battle his way to the RobLo League. Supported by his fiercely loyal friends and facing off against the homicidal Team Sprocket, he’ll learn that it takes more than a strong Pocketmon to defeat the Special Three and earn the title of Pocketmon master.
    Pocketmon! A Parody Musical Book by Brandon Nicholas Pfeltz Music & Lyrics by Michael Perrie Jr. and Brandon Nicholas Pfeltz Presented by The Bardic Bastards Theatre Company
    A loving parody of Pokemon.
    Due to strong language and mature situations, Pocketmon is recommended for audiences over the age of 16. Learn More at soundcloud.com/user-590602537
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  • RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "SPOTLIGHT HONORS" with Larry Landgraf

    in Books

    Welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB'S BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "SPOTLIGHT HONORS," where HOST RON YATES is joined by AUTHOR LARRY LANDGRAF. We will be discussing his FOUR SEASONS SERIES!  Join us as we explore this book and become better acquainted with the author.
    This segment of SPOTLIGHT HONORS is being sponsored by FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS, author of MIND YOUR GODDESS.
    If you'd like to know how you can get your own recorded commercial to air during one of our shows, please visit the RRBC site.

  • CUTV News Radio Spotlights Perla Lichi Design

    in Design

    Coral Springs, FL – Perla Lichi is an interior designer and founder of Perla Lichi Design. Perla transforms every project with her signature style, which is recognized around the world.
    “No matter what the style is, whether it's a modern or a classic or funky, we’re going to deliver a design that is unique to each person,” says Perla.
    Perla has always had a passion for interior design. She won a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Upon graduation, Ms. Lichi founded her design firm, Perla Lichi Design. She started slowly, taking on small projects like model homes and local residences. Eventually, through much perseverance and hard work, she expanded into larger-scale projects around the country and internationally. Ms. Lichi now has showrooms in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Toronto, Canada.
    Perla shares a birthday with Leonardo da Vinci, from whom she continually finds inspiration.
    “He as a total Renaissance man and I call myself a Renaissance woman,” says Perla. “Don't get me wrong. I love technology and I embrace it, but I don't have a computer at my desk. I would rather hand-draw. I can sketch a whole room with my hand and my people will put it in AutoCAD.”
    Perla became famous for her classical, ornate, opulent, palatial style, upon which she published six books over 20 years.
    “I'm going to say my longevity has to do with the fact that I know how to relate to people,” says Perla. “I'm very versatile when comes to styles. I certainly have my own style regardless. It’s all about the details and the balance: the balance of the textures, colors and the space planning. It’s about harmony.”
    For more information on Perla Lichi Design, visit www.perlalichi.com

  • Author Rachel Kushner discusses #TheMarsRoom on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Rachel Kushner to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the amazing success of her book THE MARS ROOM, what it's been like to share her love of storytelling with the world and what's to come. 

  • RRR Tales from the Pages Welcomes Shiju H. Pallithazheth and Brenda Mohammed

    in Books

    On Thursday, May 23, 2019, host Barbara Ehrentreu welcomes two excellent writers of both fiction, non-fiction and poetry to Red River Radio Tales from the Pages. Shiju H. Pallithazheth is the writer of Katashi Tales, a delightful book of stories that is enchanting the world and Brenda Mohammed is the editor of this book and an author of 21 books including How To Write for Success and the anthology A Spark of Hope. Mr. Pallithazheth is the founder and chief administrator of Motivational Strips a poetry group which has risen in population to almost 9,000 members and has millions of views each week. This should be a great show and all of the members of Motivational Strips will want to tune into it to hear our leader and the amazing Brenda Mohammed talk about their work. As always there might be a few surprises and anyone is welcome to come and use the chat room if you are a member of Blog Talk Radio. Just click on the link and it will be on the showpage. If you can't hear this at the broadcast time you can check it out in the archives.

  • Host PJ Fiala welcomes Samantha Cole to Love in Uniform Radio

    in Books

    We're excited to chat USA Today Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Author Samantha A. Cole.
    Samantha is a retired police officer and paramedic. She’s lived her entire life in the suburbs of New York City and is looking forward to becoming a snow-bird between New York and Florida someday. Her two fur-babies, Jinx and Bella, keep her company and remind their mom to take a break from writing every once in a while to go for a walk, which is the best way to deal with a stubborn case of writer’s block.
    An avid reader since childhood, Samantha was often found with a book in hand and sometimes one in each. After being gifted with a stack of romance novels from her grandmother, her love affair with the genre began in her teens. Many years later, she discovered her love for writing stories was just as strong. Taking her life experiences and training, she strives to find the perfect mix of suspense and romance for her readers to enjoy.
    While the original planned stories for the Trident Security series have been completed, the seven novels and two novellas have brought many opportunities for Samantha to spread her wings and bring her readers more characters and stories to love. Look for her upcoming Trident Security Omega Team series, Doms of The Covenant short stories series, Blackhawk Security series, and more from the Malone Brothers series, in addition to several stand alone projects.

  • Epiphany Radio The 4Real Entertainment Network - The Get Down

    in Poetry

    Epiphany Radio the 4Real Entertainment Netowrk presents The Get Down. With your hosts Jrob the Wiseson and Van Meadows "Poetic" with our guest Epiphany poet host Stacy Fox Fire Bryant. The dial in number is 319-527-6300 and press 1 to get down. Tonight have you written a piece that has become a fovorite for someone else? Bring that piece with you to the show and share it. Our illustrious CEO Larry Maddox aka Forrealthepoet invites you to come through and take your socks off baby baby.

  • An Interview with Multi-Talented REID! Achieving Dreams & Goals

    in Performing Arts

    "Dreams are NEVER too far away to touch. Excuses are weights keeping you from them."
    REID (Moneca S. Reid) actressmonecareid@gmail.com http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm1960309/
    REID is a woman making moves & excelling as an entrepreneur in her own right hustling hard as a comedic actress, print plus model, vocalist, inspiring motivational speaker, MUA, producer, director, writer, and entertainment consultant/founder of JUS 4 Entertainment. It’s amazing how she juggles these and her other talents. REID has been fortunate to work with some of Hollywood's greats ie. Robert Townsend, Tommy Ford, KiKi Shepard, etc. to name a few.  Keeping in touch with the community she personally directs her own A.R.T.S. Program and is a philanthropist fighting to give voice to domestic violence as a national spokesperson and try to empower young women who’ve become teen mothers. REID also moonlights as a business strategist consulting many enterprises, faith-based organizations, and NFPs. Her success she totally gives honor to GOD, and her family for all their love, support, & being her driving fuel to continue to reach her dreams.
    Here's REID ain't no stopping her now, she's on the move, & closer to her current goals with new goals on the horizon.
    Find REID: Website FB: Actress Monéca S. Reid represented by Tonya Winfield of Hayes Talent Agency IG: actressmonecareid Twitter: @ActressMonecaREID My company is JUS 4 Entertainment and you’ll find it on FB.

  • Glen Hirshberg Revisits Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! - May, 2019

    in Books

    Three-time International Horror Guild Award Winner Glen Hirshberg’s novels include The Snowman’s Children, The Book of Bunk, Motherless Child, Good Girls, and Nothing to Devour. Hirshberg is also the author of four widely praised story collections: The Two Sams, American Morons, The Janus Tree, and The Ones Who Are Waving. Hirshberg is a five-time World Fantasy Award finalist, and In 2008, he won the Shirley Jackson Award for the novelette, “The Janus Tree.” With Peter Atkins and Dennis Etchison, he co-founded the Rolling Darkness Revue, an annual reading/live music/performance event that tours the west coast of the United States every fall and has also made international appearances.
    Join the Thorne & Cross newsletter for updates, book deals, specials, exclusives, and upcoming guests on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! or visit Tamara and Alistair at their websites.
    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio.

  • Overcoming Obstacles with guest Nate Dove Jr.

    in Art

    Join SylindaD and MarkB as they welcome guest Nate Dove Jr. who was shot in a cross fire and paralyzed.  Tune in to see how he has overcome this traumatic incident and used it to become a beacon of light to others. 

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