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    A Taste of Ink LIVE featuring Author Lyn Ragan

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    Join me for a conversation with Author Lyn Ragan, Lyn knew at the age of fourteen that she would write a book one day. She subscribed to True Crime and True Detective, reading each edition faithfully while plotting her fiction novel she never wrote. Twenty-five years later, she met the love of her life never thinking she'd be involved in a real-life crime. After her fiancé's murder, she followed his guidance by way of ADC's, (After Death Communications) and penned their first two books, Wake Me Up! Love and The Afterlife, and, We Need To Talk: Living With The Afterlife.
    A Taste of Ink LIVE, Tuesday, Jan. 27th at 6:00PM EST. 
    Dial In/SKYPE (646) 564-9897 #1 to listen, comment or ask questions.
    6:00PM EST – 5:00PM Central – 4:00PM Mountain – 3:00PM Pacific
    Join Chat @  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/01/27/a-taste-of-ink-live-featuring-author-lyn-ragan

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    GSMC Book Review Podcast Episode 126: Books That Move

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    Sarah talks about her recent experience in moving, and books that involve moves, whether major or minor, as key plot points.
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    Bishop Vashti McKenzie: Selah 18 Leadership Encounters for Women

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    Bishop McKenzie is the ultimate trailblazer for women. Her appointment to the highest episcopal office inspires confidence in equality for all women in ministry. The appointment and impact of Bishop McKenzie has transformed the mindset of people as it relates to women serving in high leadership church positions. She was named in 2015 by Huffington Post as one of the 50 most powerful women religious leaders in the world.
    She soars as the National Chaplain for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. A Best-Selling Author, Bishop McKenzie has authored six books: Not Without a Struggle, Strength in the Struggle: Leadership Development for Women, A Journey to the Well, Swapping Housewives, The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God and Those Sisters Can Preach!
    Passion and delight fills the voice of Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie during our interview. She rolls out the golden scroll that reveals the plans, purpose, and expectations of this highly anticipated SELAH 18 Leadership Encounter. This distinguished woman of God, with a reputation for brilliance and international influence, exhibits anticipation about this event. Everyone has reason to be exuberant as well.
    Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie is the visionary behind the Selah 18 Encounters.
    Selah is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “stop here before moving forward.”    To REGISTER: http://bit.ly/SELAH18

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    Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah on “Friday Black”

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    “Black people being murdered is unfortunately a constant in this country. Murdered with impunity. It’s something that’s constantly on my mind,” Adjei-Brenyah says. “So some of these stories respond to that very specifically.” Plus, Joseph Ellis discusses his new book, “American Dialogue.”

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    Family Is Not Everything: How to Minimize Their Mess, Maximize Your Happiness

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     Family Is Not Everything: How to Minimize Their Mess, Maximize Your Happiness and Enjoy Emotional Baggage Breakthroughs by Anita Washington. Listen to a reading from the book:  http://www.audioacrobat.com/note/Cl9Y5J4X/
    Are people constantly dumping their negative energy on you? Do you find yourself bombarded with painful thoughts from your past? What if with seven simple steps you could minimize their mess and maximize your happiness? Interested? Read on…
    In Family Is Not Everything: How To Minimize Their Mess, Maximize Your Happiness and Enjoy Emotional Baggage Breakthroughs, author Anita Washington details personal stories of surviving a homicidal alcoholic father, a neglectful mother and an emotionally and physically abusive brother to show you how childhood trauma turns into adult dysfunctional behavior. She includes lessons to learn from her abuse and her life-altering mistakes, along with teaching you how to use the affirmations, techniques and activities of her 7-Step Method to resolve the effects of emotional baggage and create a life of purpose and meaning. The 7-Step Method is a process of seven sequential steps she had seen produce the greatest results. It has not only worked for her and her previous clients, it can also work for you!

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    Meet Ed Protzel and the Southern fiction trilogy on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes former screenwriter and award winning author ED PROTZEL to the studio.
    About Ed:  
    Ed’s writing career began in college after one of his professors encouraged his talent. He wanted to write screenplays full time then, but had to make a living and put the endeavor aside, working on his scripts in his spare time and on weekends.
    After several years, he took a break from work and relocated to Los Angeles, working at 20th Century Fox while working on his screenplays, completing five. He thought his “big break” had arrived and that he was going straight to the Hollywood’s “A” list when the head of production at a major Hollywood studio called one of his spec screenplays a “great script.” However, that same week the studio was sold, and Ed fell through the cracks.  “That was a huge disappointment!” he recalls.
    Hating living L.A, Ed returned to St. Louis and switched  to writing novels after earning his master’s in English literature/creative writing from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He started by converting one of his screenplays into what would become his first novel (The Lies That Bind). His actual “big break” came when he landed an agent to represent The Lies That Bind, who quickly found a publisher.   Today, Ed continues to live and write in St. Louis. His novels include The Antiquities Dealer (A David Greenberg Mystery); and his DarkHorse Trilogy: The Lies That Bind, Honor Among Outcasts, and Something in Madness (2019).
    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. http://authorsontheair.com

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    Beyond the Cover with special guest Jon Land

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    Jon Land "Manuscript for Murder: a Murder, She Wrote novel": Jessica Fletcher investigates a mysterious manuscript with deadly consequences in the latest entry in this USA Today bestselling series... Jessica Fletcher has had plenty to worry about over her storied career, both as a bestselling novelist and amateur sleuth. But she never had any reason to worry about her longtime publisher, Lane Barfield, who also happens to be a trusted friend. When mounting evidence of financial malfeasance leads to an FBI investigation of Lane, Jessica can't believe what she's reading.  So when Barfield turns up dead, Jessica takes on the task of proving Barfield's innocence--she can't fathom someone she's known and trusted for so long cheating her. Sure enough, Jessica's lone wolf investigation turns up several oddities and inconsistencies in Barfield's murder. Jessica knows something is being covered up, but what exactly? The trail she takes to answer that question reveals something far more nefarious afoot, involving shadowy characters from the heights of power in Washington. At the heart of Jessica's investigation lies a manuscript Barfield had intended to bring out after all other publishers had turned it down. The problem is that manuscript has disappeared, all traces of its submission and very existence having been wiped off the books. With her own life now in jeopardy, Jessica refuses to back off and sets her sights on learning the contents of that manuscript and what about it may have led to several murders. Every step she takes brings her closer to the truth of what lies in the pages, as well as the person who penned them.

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    Legends Library: Inferno by Troy Denning

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    All four hosts are back to discuss the Legacy of the Force book, Inferno by Troy Denning. Join the conversation as they share why they think Jacen is a JERK!!! Also Luke show off as the real Grand Master of the Jedi Order!

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    Diamond's World Presents Iris Bolling and Stephanie Timothy

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    Find out about National Bestselling book Crazy Sexy being turned into a movie.

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    #374 - Christian Author, Sherabim Joy

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    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show today (11/16/18) to hear a LIVE interview with Chrisitan author, Sherabim Joy.
    Sherabim Joy Allen, a New Jersey-based Christian author and minister, currently serves in ministry at Bethlehem-Judah Christian Fellowship Church of God In Christ, under the leadership of Bishop Anthony W. Gilyard.  A motivational speaker and guest presenter at several educational facilities and empowerment events and sessions, Allen is the author of several books including “Heart of a Woman: Motherhood, Marriage, Ministry, and Money,” “Life Won’t Wait,” and co-author of “A Mother’s Love.” Allen's newest release, “After the Benediction,” is her first novel. Sherabim is available for all ministry engagements, book signings, commencement ceremonies and empowerment sessions. Feel free to connect with Sherabim by sending an email to: soarwithsheri.com. 
    Call 858-357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guest.  Mitzi Carrasquillo, Leroy McKenzie, Jr and Lynn Pinder are the scheduled co-hosts.  
    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) www.christianauthorsontour.com
    Christian Authors on Tour TV Show

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    The New Panic Room Episode 119

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    oin James & Xtina on the Panic Room Radio Show as they talk with science fiction, fantasy, and horror author Andrew Piazza? and USA TODAY best selling romance author M. Never. Don't miss the fun and shenanigans!