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When you hear the term fake news what do you think about? It comes in all forms right? Well it's Friday so I thought we'd have a little fun and talk through some of the hottest fake news headlines, rumors, gossip and mob fuel. One things... more

Do you think we deserve an explanation of what happened during the Las Vegas shooting? Should we have detailed results of a complete investigation? It was the largest massacre in U.S. history. Don't you think people would want to know... more

Do you think we'll be living in a time when robots will take over all the jobs? Will artificial intelligence run everything? Will we be able to sit back and relax and finally live a life free of jobs, stress and worry? Everything handed to us on a... more

If we're going to talk about crappy living conditions maybe we should start with what's going on right here in this country. Maybe that should be our first priority. It's easy to talk about how bad someone else has it. What about the... more

Well talk about drama. Oprah goes to the Golden Globe awards, gives a speech and all the sudden some people are ready for her to be president. Just as quickly the bombs start falling like she's America's arch enemy. Why? Why do some... more

100 shows 100,000 listens. That was my first goal for this show and this week we hit that! Amazing! Especially considering the first show was recorded with a microphone inside a cardboard box? It's been a short period of time. Sometimes... more

Why Is History Being Rewritten? Why are there people changing our history? Do you think they're making changes to reflect some new found information? New facts that somehow shed a different light on actual events or is there another... more

Senator Elizabeth Warren it seems has set a record. She has raised more campaign money than nearly any incumbent senator in history. Supposedly she's got over twelve million dollars in cash and some people are saying she... more

What's the first thing you do when you want to succeed or accomplish something? Most of the so-called guru's will tell you to write it down. Write it down, it's very important to achieving goals. Some will tell you about visualization. If you can... more