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    What's going on?

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      Yes, I will explain parts of things.

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 12-27-18... "I Remain POSITIVE-& unconcerned-about the Alliance"

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    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2018/12/27/kp-radio-hawaii-12-27-18-i-remain-positive-unconcerned-about-the-alliance
    Talked about (among other things):
    I am totally unconcerned and at peace with what’s going on right now, re: DJT and The Alliance. Keep in touch and get info from Independent journalists. Major mass media is a propaganda machine, part of deep state, owned by 5-6 corporations. DJT (and the Alliance) knows what he is doing. SerialBrain2 points out that the process is like a chess game… moves and counter-moves. Get information from a variety of independent journalists (videographers, etc.). Very Important to not get into arguments any way shape or form (for myself, at least). Obama… I believe he was strongly coopted. Trump is battering ram to take down the walls of the deep state. Details are often being kept from the general public, for safety reasons. Helpful to stay centered, grounded, and free from fear and concern. Take care of one’s own business, moment to moment. Take care one’s own house. Stay out of lower chaos vibrations. Unbelievable transformative time to be alive on this planet… Enjoy it!! MP3 download link
    [Pre-show notes: “I carry no concerns whatsoever about the Alliance and their operations.”]

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    Transition Towns & Community Based Businesses: 619-768-2945

    in Homeschooling

    Today on It's My House Podcast we shall be discussing Transition Towns, Wellness Communities, and Community Based Businesses. Our LIVE STREAM number is 619-768-2945. Our On Demand number is 712-432-8863.

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    Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher on the Prepping Academy

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    Join us on the Prepping Academy this week as we have Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher.  Glen and Shelby are on PrepperNet's Expert Panel.   Go and subscribe to their new podcast - Prepping 2.0.
    About Glen Tate:  Glen Tate has led an amazing life – and one that took a surprising turn. He grew up poor in the rural logging town of Forks, Washington. He worked hard to become a successful professional with a job in the legal and political arenas. Thinking he’d finally made it and everything was great, he was stunned to see how corrupt government is. From his observations at his job, he realized that America is collapsing and bad things are coming. Very soon. He began to prepare for himself and his family to make it through the civil unrest of the coming collapse. That meant he had to return to his rural roots – quite a shock to his family and friends. Even more amazing was that he wrote down what he foresees happening during the collapse and it became a ten-book novel series published by Prepper Press. Now he is married to fellow prepper author Shelby Gallagher and they live in rural western Washington.
    About Shelby Gallagher: Shelby Gallagher is a different kind of prepper: a former single mom in a large West Coast city who started squirreling away food and buying a gun when she realized the government would not be there to take care of her and her kids when the Collapse comes. She sent a draft of her first book to prepper author Glen Tate, who read the first few chapters and called his publisher. Her three-book series is now one of the most popular prepper book series. She describes the need for prepping in ways women can relate, but so can men. She is now married to Glen Tate and they live in rural western Washington.
    Links:  PrepperNet.Com Preppingacademy.com http://prepping2-0.com https://www.299days.com/ agreatstate.com

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    Open forum Friday

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    Open forum froday

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    Weedsday Wednesday, A Live, Cannabis Radio Show-Marijuana Cannabis News!

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    Welcome to Weedsday Wednesday!
    Everything you ever wanted to know about medical marijuana, cbd, thc, cannabis, hash, weed, pot and anything else you want to call this beautiful plant!
    Call in and join us live (646) 915-8421!
    Cannabis Interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news and information about anything and everything medical marijuana related in Tucson, Arizona and the world at large!
    Get up to date, live information about Marijuana News!
    We'll share what's happening with all of the marijuana laws for The State of Arizona and everything marijuanahappening in our exciting little trail dust town!

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    Understanding Active Working Memory and Learning Issues

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    Dr. Tracy Alloway has specialized in the role that active working memory plays with learning and other areas of functioning.  In this interview Dr. Alloway helps us understand active working memory and its impact. 
    Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD joined the University of North Florida from the UK where she was the Director of Memory and Learning in the Lifespan. She has spent over a decade being part of cutting-edge research on the importance of Working Memory in education (and have led numerous government grants.  In addition to publishing over 100 scientific articles, she also authored test batteries (published with Pearson) and 7 books.  Dr. Alloway has appeared in many media outlets, including Forbes, Good Morning America, the Today Show, and BBC. 

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    Moors Heritage and History School Circle of Readers at Morocco

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    Join us Wednesday 28 November 1439 @ 7:30pm for Moors Heritage & History School live broadcast:
    Live Broadcast of Moors Heritage and History School presents Circle of Readers at Morocco
    This is the Uniting of Asia - Family
    We must activate our voice with law and speak with our Writs!!!
    Listen via the internet @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mhhs-eyeswideopen, or to listen via telephone, call 425-569-5201 / 347-945-5899, Press '1' to speak to the Host.
    Remember to check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MHHSEyesWideOpen, and please select like. Also we are also on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MHHSEyesWideOpn
    Please also send us an email @ mhhseyeswideopen@gmail.com so we can compile an email list for blitzing and also send us emails with the appellation, Corporate State and/or county along with ransom amount for any Moor who has been kidnapped and is currently being held hostage.
    Thank you, this is greatly appreciated. We here at Moor Heritage and History School Eyes Wide Open thank you for coming together so that we may together be uplifted.
    Moors Heritage & History School in association with RVBey Publications, Moorish Nation Public Records, Moorish News, Mantis Views 29

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    NHA and Notching Up YOUR Inner Wealth™

    in Education

    Have you ever wished you could change your negative "self-talk"? Listen to this engaging discussion about using The Nurtured Heart Approach® to transform your negative inner dialogue to a more positive version! Join host, Stephanie Rule, as she guides her guests, Stacie Lancaster and Jeffrey Swan, in a dynamic discussion about how to notch up your own Inner Wealth™. Learn about developing your own inner NHA practice through the use of the foundational pieces of NHA. Have you always thought that The Nurtured Heart was only for your children? Well, listen to this podcast episode to discover how to use The Nurtured Heart Approach to transform YOU. What you feel to be true about who you are on the inside is also what you offer to the world - so why not discover the tools that will help you find the joy within your own heart so you can share your joyful heart with the world.
    Click here for guest bios: https://childrenssuccessfoundation.com/notching-up-your-inner-wealth/
    Music: Sunny - Bensound.com

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    Tarhaka on How the Jew Was Created The Jewish Myth Exposed.

    in Higher Education

    Special Guest Dr.Walter Williams and Co.
    Call in #310-982-4184 press #1 to speak.
    1. Where did they come from?
    2. Who created them?
    3. Who does the land belong to?
    4. Who are God's chosen people?
    5. What exactly are facts?
    My new website is online now subscribe and get my free report. http://www.tarhakadebtelimination.org

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