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  • 3 hour show per day
  • 250 live concurrent callers
  • 20,000 promotional impressions per month
  • Prime time scheduling
  • Premium Studio
  • Customizable show
    profile banner
  • Upload, edit & replace episodes
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Priority Support
  • Toll-free host number
  • No Audio/Video Ads
  • No Banner Ads (Or Feature Your Own)
  • Featured Show Status
  • Live Streaming on
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BlogTalkRadio's unique technology and comprehensive services help the world's leading brands create compelling, interactive
audio broadcasts.

Solutions include:
  • Branded networks on BlogTalkRadio
  • 100% content ownership
  • Scalable, white-label audio broadcasting & recording
  • Integration with
    existing content management systems
  • Behind the firewall options
  • Audience marketing
  • Production and
    talent services

Custom solutions starting
at $2,500 a month.

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*30 day free trial valid once only for first time Premium and Plus accounts.

We also offer a Free Plan / (30 minute show per day, 5 live concurrent callers, basic network promotion)

Host Add-Ons

You can easily add a-la carte benefits to your host package (Free or Premium) anytime.

Transcribe Your Shows: Easily Reference and share great show moments and help more listeners find and enjoy your content with show transcripts.
Toll Free for Listeners: Easily add a Toll-Free Listener Number to your host profile to make it free and easy for your audience to call into your show.

Customer Testimonials

"The PRO package offers me ample time on the air, easy-to-use technology, opportunities to advertise and market my program, and great client support. This is an excellent opportunity for seasoned radio hosts, as well as for those just beginning in this industry. This is the wave of the future."

- Patricia Raskin,
Host Positive Living Network

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