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Principles become revealed to the world through our behaviour. Helpful characteristics are not secrets. Nor are they mysteries. They are lessons requiring an open mind an awareness of ourselves in relation to others. While stodgy old men wanted us to believe it sucked the fun out of life, the point of true masonry is just the opposite. It is an acquired, private way of thinking. Is private a secret? I doubt it. MasonicFX

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In science, a formula is a concise way of expressing information symbolically. Freemasons do communicate and learn using symbols. Is it so implausible to consider the ultimate Masonic experience can be codified and taught to all of us who flounder in the wings? The key for Craft Masonry is to put some serious thought into the question we want to answer. Personally and privately, I think we suffer at times from myopia so let's pull it into focus. If we knew what it was and followed the formula it would reveal the variables and constants and the relationship between them. So let me lead off the search with a few observations. First, a Lodge doesn't have to be a retreat of Masonic scholarship but it needs to expose each member to the finest scholarship. The cohort of Officers need to be thoroughly dedicated to the success of the Entered Apprentice. For each member, the Lodge needs to choose the right mentor. Settling for indifferent or weak mentors produces the result it deserves. And Most of all, the members themselves must be inspired, determined and hard working. Do we dare tamper with the capricious nature of Masonry to cultivate pearls in our oyster beds? It is compelling to think if this formula were applied to start today, what amazing capability would be developed. We begin with the vision that withstands corrosion: pushback and impatience. Then we set our Lodge right, selecting and assembling audacious groups from far and wide to test a set of ideas, bringing order out of what appears to be unanswerable problems. Can it be done? That depends on how quickly we trust geometry and push aside our sciolism. An idea fraught. Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt~ Wm Shakespeare
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