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Principles become revealed to the world through our behaviour. Helpful characteristics are not secrets. Nor are they mysteries. They are lessons requiring an open mind an awareness of ourselves in relation to others. While stodgy old men wanted us to believe it sucked the fun out of life, the point of true masonry is just the opposite. It is an acquired, private way of thinking. Is private a secret? I doubt it. MasonicFX

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How we think about Masonry varies. It depends on the viewing lense at the moment. If we assese our purpose, considering the many philanthropic acts is proof, not to mention the hundreds of smaller acts of generosity that flows continuously across the landscape. The bond of friendship is only slightly more complicated by the temporary distractions of daily turmoil, when fatigue fades and we are drawn again to or unusual commitments. Do the work AND do it pleasantly, thoroughly, to the best of our ability. The imagination runs wild in pursuit of what masonry could be; the mind palaces, art work, monumental temples and scholarship. Periodically we let a shadow of anti-intellectualism fall over us. Those darned academics are fearless in their pursuit of facts. They chafe against the practical nature of financial governance, Yin-Yang- the achievement of balanced elements. Savouring the moment is enlightening. We are defined by more than our critics. Blindspots? We have more than a few. Audacious? We grow intellectually and organically. That has always met with the disapproval of ideologues. In true Masonic terms, obedience is the servant of inspiration. Just as truth is the servant of questionning intellect. Does any of this matter? If it doesn't yet, it will. There is that day coming when we question the purpose of existence. What have I done with my life? Has it been meaningful? Am I loved? Have I loved? Does wealth or power matter? Not much. Not as much as conscience dictates. Who knew conscience is the harbinger of natural law? Once not so long ago, organized religion tried to think and reason for mankind. It failed, leaving some with a longing to return to simpler days, and the majority wrestling with the complexity of left-wing thinking. Why is authority so much easier than reason; we don't know. Inspiration is our grail.
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