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Masonry: Renewal, Chemistry, Orbit

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The Ancients would be amazed. Sitting beside us, imagine the wonder of learning that we can talk to a brother anytime. What do you think would be his first impressions? That oral history would be preserved? That the disembodied voice was from people he knew. Doubtful he would be longing to travel by cart to your house to talk. Might he be thinking about isolation because others would be like him, have more frequency?  The appeal of communication to our species is not a choice. We immediately follow the innovation.  Each innovation brings out changes in how we access information and one another. Does anyone think he could anticipate the internet? Communication is an exchange of information and meaning. As often happens in the laboratory, he would be not have the perspective to address unintended findings that answered other questions.  How would we prepare him but respectfully and gradually? Why is because those who grew up with a gradual introduction realize innovations in communication unleash imagination.  are Internet piggy-backed access to information into every conversation. Any new tool or instrument requires practice to master.  The internet opened the libraries, galleries and laboratories of the world. The chains of censorship have been removed. Oppressed people finding new freedoms, overdue the expression of power, until their practice reveals how to master the responsibilities of individual freedom. While others already threaten the despot and autocrat.  And there is masonry, discretely validating oral history.  The stream of new direct communication includes false statements. How can we discern truth?  Who is speaking and how many are listening are two axes that have been reliable for Masons in the past and continually validated today.  Is the world ready to learn from us, that reliance on oral history is not new and is valid?