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    Headaches and Migraines, the stressors and causes and solutions

    in Health

    Headaches and Migraines can be devastating and can affect every part of your life!
    This episode we will review the causes and solutions to this problem

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    The Best Fitness Lessons Many Older Men Learned During The Lockdown

    in Fitness

    If you've been paying attention, you've probably learned some very important fitness lesson during this lockdown that will make your journey easier for the rest of your life.
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    Get everything you need to take your fitness to the next level with "The Biggest Fitness Challenges Older Men Face And Their Solutions." It's a 12 module 11-hour audio coaching experience. And, for a LIMTED TIME, you can get some one-on-one coaching with me as a free, added BONUS. Go to
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    Cannabinoids – Nature’s Healing Agents

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with anesthesiologist and pain management specialist Dr. James Taylor about the healing properties of cannabinoids. He discusses the role the body’s cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system play in maintaining homeostasis and health. He also shares how the cannabinoids in CBD can be used to help moderate or eliminate pain by tapping into this system of receptors (the endo-cannabinoid system). Dr. Taylor explains how a mix of cannabinoids can be customized for an individual to help with sleep, anxiety and pain.
    Dr. James Taylor is a board certified anesthesiologist with a focus on pain management. He runs 7 clinics that see over 4,000 patients per month. Over the last several years, Dr. Taylor and his team have been collecting information on patients that has led to many interesting discoveries, particularly involving CBD and the pain management patient. Dr. Taylor's journey pursuing an understanding of Cannabinoid Medicine has led him to develop laboratory services for hemp farmers as well as testing on hemp related products. Dr. Taylor and his team are pursuing single molecule development using cannabinoids as the molecular backbone.  

  • 00:34

    Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation and the Recovery of the Visual System

    in Health

    Dr. Megan Lott is a functional neuro-optometrist in Hattiesburg, MS. She performs visual examinations that go beyond 20/20 eyesight. She performs neuro-optometic rehabilitation for patients who have suffered a brain injury. In 2019 she was awarded the Founders Award by the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi. In 2017 she was awarded the Healthcare Hero award by the MS Business Journal for her work in optometry in the state of MS.
    This episode is brought to you by: Integrated Brain Centers

  • 01:07

    Dr. Paul Harch - The Oxygen Revolution: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    in Health

    Dr. Paul Harch is a world-renowned leading expert in hyperbaric medicine. Using his 30+ years of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) experience, Dr. Harch administers the most scientifically based and precise treatment plans. He is responsible for the largest documented improvements in brain injury and neurological cases treating patients with HBOT. 
    Beginning with brain injured divers and boxers in 1989, he applied his protocol to the first HBOT-treated cerebral palsy and autistic children in this country and multiple other cerebral disorders, including most recently the first PET documented Alzheimer’s case and a subacute drowned child. He wrote The Oxygen Revolution: (3 rd edition) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): Breakthrough Gene Therapy  for  Traumatic Brain Injury & Other Disorders, a book explaining the science of HBOT and how it affects various neurological conditions. 
    Dr. Harch has presented his clinical experience and research four times to the U.S. Congress and has been nominated for the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award. He has a private HBOT practice and is director of the University Medical Center Hyperbaric Medicine Department and Clinical Professor of Medicine, Section of Emergency Medicine at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. 
    Dr. Harch joins the show to share what his research has revealed about HBOT and how it can help those suffering from brain injury or diseases such as: stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and more!
    Visit Paul G Harch's site 
    The Oxygen Revolution

  • 01:42

    [LifeWave] Acupuncture Points for Neutralizing Fear and Nervousness

    in Health

    Fear is nothing new. In fact, it is an incredibly useful energy to get us moving from a place of danger to a place of safety. Unfortunately, momentary fear is very different biologically than chronic ongoing fear. With the COVID-19 virus pandemic and forced social distancing rules, fear and panic has spread throughout the world. Some experts feel the spread of fear is much more harmful than the spread of the virus!
    Chronic fear means chronically activating the sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze response) arm of our nervous system. That can lead to inflammation and a host of other significant mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. 
    Join me and my colleague Dr. Dennis Lobstein on Monday June 1st for the Ask the LifeWave Doctors segment of Light Warrior Radio as we share how to use phototherapy patches on specific Chinese Medicine acupuncture points/meridians to neutralize the negative effects of chronic fear and nervousness symptoms.  Dr. Dennis will review, in depth, the Chinese Medicine theory, and then share some practical patching protocols to calm and balance the nervous system stress.
    We could ALL use some more calm and balance these days, don’t you think?

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    BEMER Testimonial Tuesday with Mark and Belinda

    in Health

    Please call in today and share your brief compliant personal testimonial on how using this amazing technology has changed your life! If 515-605-9877 is 'busy' try 323-642-1520 and press 1 to be placed in the queue to share. 
    Compliant means:
    no mention of 'disease names' common in medical field no mention of 'drug names', or the use of words like 'pain', 'cured', 'treatment', etc.  DO NOT give your own 'protocols' or usage tips; there are no protocols, only the BEMER Basic plan Keep it simple and brief using mentioning the symptoms you were experiencing and how they may be minimized or gone.  If you're an athlete, tell us how it has improved your performance and recovery. 
    Please share your personal compliant testimonial only, not friends, family or spouses, and share your horse testimonials for Thursday Blog Talk which is dedicated to horse health. Grow your business with Blog Talk!

  • 01:10

    Lost Arts Radio Show #286 - Special Guest Joel Skousen

    in Health

    Joel Skousen, editor of World Affairs Brief ( and author of The Secure Home and Strategic Relocation (both available through his site or on Amazon), has been an exceptionally perceptive analyst and forecaster of world events for many years. Recently, Joel completed a series of ten episodes on Lost Arts Radio, talking about the "History Of The Deep State". Joel, Doug and I all felt that Episode 10 completed the package, a great educational, multi-chaptered class, available for the first time from Joel. Then, the engineered virus was released on the world, and the fake pandemic ensued. That meant the series with Joel seemed suddenly incomplete.
    Fortunately, Joel agreed that another episode was needed, and will be back this Sunday to put the whole picture of current and predicted Deep State operations into context with pandemic developments. He will explain how the sudden emergence of the world-wide pandemic emergency affects his predictions for the years immediately ahead. Does this mean we have less time to prepare for what he already warned us is coming, or are all his predictions still in place as he presented them in our previous episodes. You won't want to miss Joel's presentation on this Sunday's show. Expect an important and informative session with one of the great world events analysts in the world today. Remember to request a free sample copy of Joel's newsletter by emailing him directly,
    Please support us:

  • 00:20

    Marta Zaraska: Growing Young

    in Health

    Who among us wouldn’t want to live a long, fulfilling and healthy life? Our guest, Marta Zaraska, is joining us to share the latest scientific research on health—much of which reveals we are fixating on the wrong things. In truth, longevity isn’t necessarily the result of the latest miracle diets, super foods, supplements and/or exercise craze. 
    Marta is a science journalist whose articles have appeared in The Washington Post, New Scientist, Scientific American, and The Atlantic, as well as other highly regarded periodicals. Her just published book, Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100 demonstrates that the so-called “soft” health drivers are even more important to our wellbeing than diet and exercise.
    If you care about your health, the impact you have on others and making the world a better place, you’ll want to make sure you hear what Marta has to share!

  • 00:56

    POTS and Celiac Disease. What's the Link?

    in Nutrition

    Our podcasts about research are often are the most popular, so hopefully today’s will also deliver. Today’s topic explores another often-misunderstood condition Postural Tachycardia Syndrome or (POTS) as it often called - and its possible connection to celiac disease. This is a condition that presents with a variety of symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose – like chronic fatigue, lightheadedness, fainting, an uncomfortable, rapid increase in heartbeat when standing up, and a range of GI symptoms. POTS has even been referred to as the “invisible disease.” Today we want to discuss the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with this condition and its possible link with celiac disease. 
    We have a team of fantastic experts with us here in the studio to help us better understand POTS and the studies linking it to celiac disease. We have Dr. Jeffrey Moak, the director of electrophysiology and pacing in the department of cardiology at Children’s National Hospital and Dr. Jocelyn Silvester, the director of research for the Celiac Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.
    Studies referred to during the episode
    Thank you to the Global Autoimmune Institute for their ongoing support to make this podcast possible. 

  • 01:02

    Helping Clients That Are Slow With Forms and Lab Samples & Clarifying Leaky Gut!

    in Health

    In this Q & A episode with Brandon and Ryan, they tackle listener questions on whether there are any side effects to someone doing the parasite elimination if they don't test for it, the Pro-Adapt and Est-Adapt equivalents for hormone creams, how to help a client that is slow to turn in forms and submit lab samples and is starting to question the whole process, clarifying some concepts around leaky gut, and more!
    Join FDN founder Reed Davis, FDN Mentors, and Special Guests to learn about functional lab testing and data-driven protocols to confidently solve health issues and grow your health coaching business. Submit questions in advance, or better yet, call the show LIVE and join the discussion by calling (347) 637-1378. The live show takes place every Friday at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST.  If you are interested in becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Health Coach go to

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