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  • 02:53

    Big Brother 19 | Monday LFC Roundtable | Sept 25, 2017

    in Movies

    The Live Feed Correspondents Taran Armstrong, Melissa Deni and Brent Wolgamott provide post-season Big Brother 19 LIVE analysis of the past summer!

  • 01:17

    RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Survivor Fun & Games | Megan Z.

    in Television

    Welcome to the RHAP B&B! Branded a “Survivor Fun & Games” podcast, Mike Bloom and Liana Boraas welcome Celebrity Apprentice podcaster and RHAP historian Megan Z to redeem herself after a controversial outcome on the TWISH quiz in playing a series of silly segments and games around the most recent episode of Survivor.

  • 02:56

    Clown Car Of Corruption: Guy Smith, Jon Rappoport & Pastor Mike Spaulding

    in News

    7:00pm   Welcome debut guest, Guy Smith.  Guy Smith (writer, songwriter, political provocateur) has been referred to as a libertarian with a foreign policy. With an education in quantitative management, and as a working market researcher, Guy started noticing that members of the gun control industry were less than factual and often outright dishonest. His research capabilities, paired with a stubborn southern gent’s honor caused him to take-up the cause of debunking gun control misinformation.
    8:00pm  It is a blessing and an honor every time that Team Hagmann hosts veteran citizen journalist and truth-sleuth, Jon Rappoport.  Mr Rappoport is the founder and director of No More fake News, a frontline news site that he registered with said domain 16 years ago!  Now that’s prescience!
    9:00pm  We are joined by new friend, return guest and potent weapon for Christ, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Lima Ohio, Doctor Mike Spaulding.
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  • 03:14

    Survivor Know-it-Oz | Australian Survivor Finale with Mike & Liana ( 24, 25, 26)

    in Television

    With Nick still out of office for the week, Mike Bloom and Liana Boraas enter the international Survivor foray once more as they recap the finale week of Australian Survivor 2017. They break down the twists and turns of the final few episodes, as well as the final Tribal Council, the reunion show, and the season overall, with some fun and games thrown in between.

  • 01:46

    The Taran Show 14 | Dom Harvey Interview

    in Movies

    Taran battles Dom Harvey from the Dom & Colin podcast for control of the show as Dom turns the lens onto Taran himself. They discuss their mutual introversion, the "I got screwed by a twist" origins of Dom & Colin, depression, remakes, and more.

  • 01:59

    Joseph Farrell: The Giza Death Star

    in History

    The Giza Death Star
    This is physicist Joseph Farrellis' amazing book on the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Among the topics discussed in detail in this fantastic book are: An Archaeology of Mass Destruction, Thoth and Theories; The Machine Hypothesis; Pythagoras, Plato, Planck, and the Pyramid; The Weapon Hypothesis; Encoded Harmonics of the Planck Units in the Great Pyramid; The Grand Gallery and its Crystals: Gravito-acoustic Resonators; The Other Two Large Pyramds, the 'Causeways', and the 'Temples'. Also: A Phase Conjugate Howitzer Evidence of the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Ancient Times; High Frequency Direct Current 'Impulse' Technology; How the Giza Death Star worked. This book takes off where Christopher Dunn's 'The Giza Power Plant' left off. It is a rollicking ride into the world of fantastic science and an even more fantastic past that is just beginning to be imagined!
    Joseph P. Farrell was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1957, has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and Philosophy, an M.A. in Historical and Theological Studies, and a Ph.D. in Patristics. After a lifelong interest in alternative history, science, and a fascination for ancient texts, Joseph started writing in 2001 on these subjects. He also studied pipe organ from the age of six until beginning college, and composes classical music for friends and family. He also plays the harpsichord.

  • 01:15

    Leslie Kean, Former US Government Officials’ New UFO Research Initiative

    in Paranormal

    Leslie Kean is an independent journalist and author. Her book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, is a New York Times bestseller and is one of the most influential and credible books on the topic of UFOs. Her most recent book is titled Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. Among other media, she has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, The Colbert Report, NPR, USA Today, US News & World Report, and the Columbia Journalism Review.
    Leslie is also a contributor for the Huffington Post, where she has written several high-profile articles on UFO related events that have garnered larger media attention. Two of her most recent Huffington Post articles have been about Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy and the impressive list of former officials that are involved. All of these men have a passion for UFO research and in a recent press conference launching the To the Stars Academy, made some shocking statements. In this episode, we discuss the To the Stars Academy, the people involved, and what they have said regarding UFOs, also known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).
    For more about Leslie, visit her Facebook page and her author page on Amazon.
    For more about To the Stars Academy, visit: ToTheStarsAcademy.com

  • 01:24

    The Playlist: Break Up Jamz

    in Comedy

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    Ep. 169: The AZ Cardinals win in OT and the season isn't over yet

    in Football

    The Arizona Cardinals did not repeat their Week 4 plight from 2016. They got an 18-15 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers, although they were not impressive. In the latest edition of the Rise Up, See Red podcast, hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox look back at what they liked and what they didn't like in the win. They play a little "I believe that..." with several things related to the Cardinals and then look ahead to the Week 5 road matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. 
    Enjoy the best hour of Cardinals talk you can find!

  • 00:29

    Lynette Zang--Don't Worry The Fed Has Your Back! #3725

    in Finance

    Lynette Sang joined us for an interesting discussion of central banking and crypto/klepto-currencies. The Fed orchestrated the Crash of 1929. It was basically a wealth redistribution scheme and it worked quite well. Now we're approaching a global economic reset where the coin of the realm will be SDR's (special drawing rights) issued by the IMF. What could go wrong? They've got your back, right? Also, Lynette believes the crypto-currencies could easily be a scheme to get you to give up your paper currency. Lot's more here, so listen carefully. 

  • 01:40

    The Fantasy Football Guys - Saturday Q&A Call-In Show - Ocitber 14 2017

    in Football

    Weekly Q&A show with listeners calling in from around the globe, posting in our forum, and shooting us emails.  Get in on the action!  Live on Saturday from 11am to 12:30 ET on youtube.com/theffguys.  Call 650-733-8334 (TFFG).  Send us an email at thefantasyfootballguys@gmail.com.  Join our active forum at thefantasyfootballguys.com.