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    AsKevin The Sunday Show | Watch Online Consult

    in Motivation

    Welcome to the Sunday Show a weekly wrap up of all things Men's life and style. In this broadcast you will see a real time, real world online consultation with someone from the YouTube community. As an added bonus, if time permits, I will select 1 additional winner at random from the live stream. That means YOU could win a free 30 minute Google Hangout or Skype consult tonight in real time.  Here are requirements. 1. Must be a subscriber 2. Must have liked and share at least 1 video
    That's it....tonight you could win as well. Be prepared for the chance by having your background lighting, sound and area looking acceptable.  Also, no avatar or icon only broadcasts winner must show themselves on camera at all times.
    Good luck and Enjoy!
    Website: http://www.mademenimageconsulting.com Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/bykevinsamuels Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kevinrsamuels
    -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Top 15 Summer Fragrances | Sephora Summer List | GIVEAWAY"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTJ8CNIGQWM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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    call in now lets talk

    in Management

    call in now lets talk

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    BlackJesusRadio/BishopAdjei: "HOW DEEP IS YOUR FAITH?"-6/25/17

    in Higher Education

    6/25/17 Sun. 10:30 pm EST - Call # (619) 924-9807 & Press (1) to Speak !
    Hosts: Bishop Gideon Adjei & Rev. Rebecca Adjei presents ...
    M  -  8pm EST   "The BlackJesusMinister Show" T   -  7pm EST   "The Joseph Gibson Show" W  -  8pm EST  "The Ahwar Da Swordsman Show" T   -  8pm EST   "The Brother Mercy Show" F   -  8pm EST   "The Mz. "O" Show" S   -  8pm EST   "The Lorraine Show" S   - 10:30 EST  "The Bishop Adjei Int'l Min. Show"
    John 8:32 kjv - "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." 1 EDUCATION EMPOWERMENT 2 BIBLE TRUTHS 3 POLITICS & RELIGION 4 DEBATES 5 INTERVIEWS 6 NEWS & ISSUES
    INBOX TO APPLY: Seeking persons proficient and knowledgeable in (a) Promotions Advertisement, (b) Social Media forums esp FB & YouTube, (c) Production in Social Media Audio & Visual, (d) Debaters, (e) Show Hosts, (f) Bible Teachers, (g) Christian Counselors, (h) Educators, (i) Musicians, (j) Poets, and much more !!!

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    E Water Show With Destini Williams

    in Entertainment

    Sunday June 25th 2017
    E-Water Radio Presents
    E Water Show
    With Destini Williams.
    Guest.: B Girls
    Also Joining us Actress Singer Ms. Laci Kay
    Also Soul Mainframes 15 Minutes of Funk
    Tune in Sunday June 25thth 2017
    7-9 PST
    Hosted by Destini Williams.
    Tune in www.blogtalkradio.com/ewaterradio
    To Call in or Listen on Your Mobile device.
    (323) 642-1757

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    The Dhimmipolitik Report with Mack Zed

    in Politics Conservative

    Mack Zed is changing the way people think about Islam and Islamic Radicalism every time he steps up to the Silvern Microphone. 
    On Tuesday, Kel Fritzi's show Infidels Are Watching focused everyone's attention on a special cut by Mack dealing with the new Yigal Carmon approach to the Internet and Free Speech.
    Tonight, we will repeat the MP3 in case any of you missed it...and afterward, we'll take a look at Homeland Security Secretary Kelly's recent approach to Islam that is leaning in the same direction as Yigal's thrust...
    Defeating Islamic Supremacy begins with recognizing the pathogens that lead to the psychological epidemic that gives rise to Jihad - those pathogens are in the Koran, not on the internet. Jihadi Militancy is a Koranborne Contagion. It is time to end the tendency of our leaders to create dhimmi policies that yield an Accommodation Nation. 
    This will be a special power hour edition of The Dhimmipolitik Report with Mack Zed - filling in for Damon Rosen on the fly...

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  • LIVE!

    Christianity verses Kemet and Africa w/ Prophet Donnell Johnson and Sankofa

    in News

    Christianity verses Kemet and Africa w/ Prophet Donnell and Sankofa 
    9:30pm Est GUEST CALL-IN (515) 605-9783 Press 1 to speak!
    Free Conference Call (712) 770-4160 Participant Code 915411# Press *61 to Speak Playback Number (712) 770-4169 Dail TRS Conference From The Internet https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/wp-content/themes/responsive/flashphone/flash-phone.php
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    Let's Talk CFL Podcast Episode #182 First Sunday night Show of the 2017 season

    in Football

    Let's Talk CFL Podcast Episode #182 First Sunday night Show of the 2017 season

  • LIVE!

    Lost Arts Radio Show #130 - Special Guest Alex Newman

    in Health

    This Sunday, we are honored by the return to Lost Arts Radio of New American Magazine foreign correspondent Alex Newman. I invited Alex to share his insights on the Paris Climate Accord with us, since he was there in person when it was actually occurring. There has been extremely negative reaction, by our major media and liberal and progressive leaders, to President Donald Trump's withdrawal from this unratified treaty that Barack Obama accepted on behalf of the U.S. without the approval of Congress. Many in the general population who have been convinced by the media and others that the Paris Agreement was to save the Earth from global warming, have seen Donald Trump as a planetary villain, withdrawing from the agreement because of some pathological hatred of the Earth, or other character flaws the President has according to mainstream media sources.
    But what is the real story about the Paris Agreement? What is in it, and exactly how was it going to save the Earth from global warming or climate change? We need to understand these things from a place of calm, non-partisan clarity, and then see what the US non-participation in the agreement really means. I don't know of anyone better to start this discussion with us than Alex Newman. I first was privileged to see Alex Newman on the Alex Jones Show, and was very impressed with his piercing commentary on world issues, and in fact at the time, Alex was reporting directly from Paris as the Agreement was being signed by many nations including ours. Understanding what the Paris Agreement really is can also help us get a deeper understanding of the bigger world situation that is going on right now. Hopefully filling in some of the gaps in our education on world events, puts us in a better position to see what we need to do to help sanity, peace, environmental stability and prosperity return to our world.

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    The Bitching Post: Secret Stinky Senate Shenanigans

    in Politics Progressive

    It's Sunday once again, and you know what that means -- that bitchy Millennial, Zillian, is back at it again.  Who does she think she is, wanting to actually own a house sometime in her life?  Who does she think she is, wanting equal pay for equal work? Who does she think she is, wanting to earn enough in a 40 hour work week to pay all her bills and have a little left over?  Crazy Millennials -- she probably wants decent health care coverage, too!
    You bet she does.  Come in and listen if you dare, as she covers the insanity that is the "Senate version" of the AHCA that Senators said would be dead on arrival -- and then crafted a bill that was even worse than that.  They're gonna try to sneak it under the radar, but we'll nail 'em to the wall and give them an earful if they try.
    Join Zillian and friends every Sunday night on The Bitching Post at 11pm Eastern, 10 Central, right here on The Liberal Redneck Broadcasting! @zforzillian on Twitter and zforzillian@gmail.com is where you can reach Zillian directly, if you have anything to bitch about.

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    From The NYC To The West Coast

    in Music

    You already know this show about to be crazy you better tune in at 10 pm EST.