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  • A Couple Shares Their Recovery with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Today, Carol the Coach is interviewing a couple who went through sexual addiction and partner betrayal.. It resulted in a lot of hard work and research on partner betrayal.. Cat suffered from PTSD and needed to learn how to manage the triggers. She also began to write to help partners understand what was happening to them. Together she and Frank have commited to helping  couples through difficult times.
    Cat has a series of 4 books that take you through that jouney.  

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    Louis Howard Live From Seattle

    in Culture

    Louis Howard talks about the spcial justice reform in the US


    in Motivation

    With a variety of programs, Dr. Brooke Brimm offers opportunities to explore your inner self to be in a place of total self-acceptance and self-love. She is a Spiritual Officiant, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Living Counselor and Wellness Facilitator.
    Dr. Brooke’s newest book release is titled, Love God Herself: Yoga and Mindfulness for Black Women Who Follow the Christ. Her book demystifies yoga and mindfulness, and offers it as a practice to expand the Black Spiritual woman’s experience in healing, forgiveness and clarity.
    Another signature program designed by Dr. Brooke is: DADDY RESOLUTION: A SPIRITUAL EXAMINATION FOR WOMEN. Got daddy issues lets talk with the Doctor about it!!!
    Tune in and learn how to master your life.
    See you on the radio

  • Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson Thankful Thursday How it Relates to Health

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now! Today's Topic: Thankful Thursday How it Relates to Health.
    "The key to happiness. Focus on the positive. Live in the moment, laugh in the moment and LOVE every moment of your LIFE. Thankful Thursday."
    Why this topic? Why is it important? Does being thankful have an impact on how we live, happy, healthy, angry, ill?
    Why am I an expert in this field? My name is Denise Thomson, I am a Certified Transformational Health and Wellness Coach, was a nurse, fitness trainer, educator, am a BTR host and Best Selling Author with many years working in or exposed to the medical field.
    Today I want to create awareness how being Thankful, positive, laughing often, and loving every moment of our life has a wonderful impact on our health. As you know, at least from previous episodes, our mindset is crucial in creating health or illness. In today's world, with all the restrictions, challenges, home schooling your children (something most of you have not signed up for), not being able to visit loved ones in Nursing homes or Convalescent homes, as Admin is afraid that someone might bring in the virus, weddings of up to 15 people instead of 150 friends and family, funerals over social media, no graveside ceremony, except in some cases for the closest family..... list goes on.
    Time to shift gear: What are we thankful for:
    Read the "I am Thankful For..." page
    Create your own "I am Thankful For" page, then answer the question: How did I feel before I wrote the page? How do I feel now after having written the page?  (great for daily use and Thanksgiving)
    Do you feel the shift? Do you realize how it changes the way you feel? Are you feeling better now? --> health
    562-335-4956 vm, txt

  • The Chris & Sandy Show with Aspen Jacobsen

    in Country Music

    The Chris & Sandy Show with Aspen Jacobsen 

  • Right NOW - The Power of Presence

    in Spirituality

    Join Julie Cara Hoffenberg (, author of "Homeless to Happy in a Split Second", and EJ Seals Jackson (, author of "Living from Within", for a discussion about the present moment. The only time that ever will be is right NOW. This can be an abstract concept for many, or something that people don't think about day to day. We are automatized to be consistently thinking about the past or hoping for a future, meanwhile the present moment is available to us infinitely. Julie directly experienced the power of presence after moving into her car, not by choice, but by necessity several years ago. She will discuss this experience and how it fine tuned her ability to create more of the life she wanted through the power of presence. 
    What is presence? How can the past and future not exist? How can we access the power of the present moment? Why is the present moment a power point to begin with? How do feelings relate to the present moment? How can we be present and also not lose sight of goals and future experiences we wish for? How can we be present and also not discredit our history and all that came before us? 
    We will be diving into these questions and more as we help our listeners proactively use the power of the present moment to invite more good into their lives, thereby creating more good in the future. Please click the "follow" button on the showpage to be alerted about future shows and be sure to share these with others who struggle with life, or perhaps need some extra tools to begin living more of what is available to them. 

  • 00:59

    The Command Post

    in Education

    What you do as a firefighter reflects on all of us. Hosts Rick Lasky and John Salka discuss public perception and expectations for the fire service.
    Sponsored by
    The best way to keep up with Fire Engineering? Get our regular e-Newsletter:

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    Hallando Mi Camino - THURSDAY

    in Christianity

    Tune in Thursday @ 1:30PM CST to “D Naturaleza” Radio Program with Host: La Evangelista Sarah Torres. 
    Tune in Thursday @ 2PM CST to “Uni x Dios (Ministerio para Matrimonios)” Radio Program with Hosts: Los Pastores Javier & Elizabeth Hernandez.

  • Deuteronomy Warning Black Headed Hybrids to Not Miscegenation W/ Whites

    in Culture

    Although science has uprooted the theory, a number of writers are loath to give up the contention that the white race is superior to others, as it is still hoped that the Cau- casian race may be preserved in its purity, especially so far as it means miscegenation with the blacks. But there are others who express doubt that the integrity of the dominant race has been maintained.' Scholars have for centuries differed as to the composition of the mixed breed stock con- stituting the Mediterranean race and especially about that in Egypt and the Barbary States. In that part of the dark continent many inhabitants have certain characteristics which are more Caucasian than negroid and have achieved more than investigators have been willing to consider the civilization of the Negro. It is clear, however, that although the people of northern Africa cannot be classed as Negroes, being bounded on the south by the masses of African blacks, they have so generally mixed their blood with that of the blacks that in many parts they are no nearer to any white stock than the Negroes of the United States.  

  • Episode 26 - REPA Radio Hour

    in Travel

    Remember the radio series "One Man's Family"? We have a story along the lines of this popular series of the 40s and 50s.  But it's about the Eastern Family.  Join us as we read some of the letters from the "Mail Bag" Thursday October 1st at 3pm ET.  See you at the Gate.,

  • Dump Trump

    in Entertainment

    He got to go