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  • 4:30 pm CT - Wayne Warner - Bonnie Tyler - Jeremy Parsons - Richard Lynch

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    4:30 pm CT - Wayne Warner - Bonnie Tyler - Jeremy Parsons - Richard Lynch 

  • We Don't Have a President on President's Day

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    In this special Presidents Day edition of MOMochat, MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills agree with journalist Joy-Ann Reid's assertion that this is "the second consecutive such holiday without an American president." Trump's weekend tweetstorm covering the indictments issued by Mueller on Friday, where he lashed out at the usual suspects and maddeningly accused the FBI of missing the tip about the Florida shooter because they were focused on Russia is another example of a president who is focused narrowly on his own interests and cares little about the people he is supposed to lead. The MOMocrats also praise the young people who are speaking out about the scandalous ineffectiveness of lawmakers on gun policies that allow the real American carnage to continue. Politics from a progressive point of view, an Engender Media Group production.

  • Un plan sobre cómo educar a las familias, las comunidades y ENSEÑAR A CADA UNO ?

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    Dios es mi doctor, esposo, abogado, papa, amigo y fuersa para vivir.
    Podemos hacer una diferencia juntos!!!
    Muchos oficiales de policía, trabajadores sociales y maestros creen en simulacros para prevenir la tragedia en las escuelas. Considerando el hecho de que el distrito escolar del condado de Broward ha sido la celebración anual de los simulacros de bloqueo en cada escuela por más de 10 años.
    Lo que es más importante, un oficial de policía pide una clase de niños de escuela primaria en Akron, Ohio. "Eres buena en niños corriendo y gritando?"
    Su tono amable se convierte entonces en serio.
    "Lo que no quiero que hagas se esconden en la esquina si un intruso entra en la habitación", dice. "Tienes que moverse".
    Con todo el debido respeto a los policías y a los administradores de las escuelas, todos los ejercicios en el mundo o mejor dicho en los últimos diez años deje de Cruz y su enfermedad mental en la muerte de 17 niños inocentes en la escuela.
    Esto va a tomar más de taladros, Pastor Fran afirma y tiene un plan sobre cómo educar a las familias, las comunidades y ENSEÑAR A CADA UNO A HACER ALGO, en lugar de juzgar y girando la cabeza".
    No hace falta ser un científico de cohetes para pensar en cómo muchas personas Cruz cumplen o pase el número de sombras pasó que sentido y sabía que algo estaba muy mal con él y con él.

  • Rev Green It's all for you Lord Radio

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    Thank you so much for Logging onto my Radio Show; Chicago Ride at 5 with Rev Green!  The purpose of this Show and website is to first and foremost, encourage you through my Songs and inspirational talks, on this tedious Journey of Life ! My Songs are inspired by true testmonies of how God continuosly made a way out of no-way in my Life ! Second and as even as importantly, I Need your Prayers and your Financial support to start my Ministry of going back to the streets and getting, All Of our Brothers and Sisters who have fallen down,  under the Enemies devastating Attacks on God's People.!!!.   I've been assigned by God to go back and your Purchases and Donations will Fuel the Movement !! God Has directed me to raise the funds I need for my Ministry Through Songs and Inspirational Testimonies, of my Lives endeavors, and of how My God, made a way for me, out of no way! Go to revgreensmusic.com  With  your Purchase and Donations you will, first and foremost, Be Blessed by the Anointed Songs; as well as become a Part of my foundations movement to ; SCFF ; Set the Captives Free Foundation  I pray, that you Bless my Ministry and be Blessed with each Song , by Purchasing my Anointed Songs, for just : $3.00 ea. for Download              or (Buy the Full zip file Downloadable Version for just $10.00)                    (Rev Green's Super 7 "All 7 Songs")  with my New release, "It's all for you Lord" and  (6) singles of encouragement,  You will be Blessed.               Thank you for your Love and support ! Thank you again ,


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    LET BIG ERNIE TELL IT TODAY...............................I'M TIRED!!!!!

  • Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

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    Last Wednesday was Valentine's Day in USA & Ash Wednesday for Catholics around the world. Sadly it also turned into a St. Valentines Day massacre in So. FL. Could it have been avoided & should have authorities made every effort in preventing this tragic attack of terror occur? The answer in my opinion is YES! FL Gov Scott is calling for the resignation of FBI Director & for FBI to release all details of what they knew.  Did the FBI fail the people of Florida?  Did they fail teachers, students, family & friends at Marjory Stoneman Dougla High School? Progressives however, never miss an opportunity to call for gun control & stricter gun laws in wake of tragedy.  Progressive movement in America has done a masterful job in dumbing down Americans. Systematic dismantling of the US Constitution including the Bill of Rights. Yet 19 yr old Terrorist, Nicholas Cruz was investigated by authorities 36 times! He was on the FBI "Radar". Where have we heard that before: oh yea, Omar Mateen killed 48 at an Orlando night club. Did this attack have to happen? Did the govt expect this to happen & did nothing? Is this an attemptt to undermine the 2nd Amendment? I'm sick & tired of hearing liberals accuse the POTUS for dividing this country, as well as blaming he & NRA for this shooting! I'm sick of liberals blaming gun shows for mass shootings. Ignorance, misinformation is a pathetic progressive poison. 
    Join us this evening at 6pm EST where we will be discussing this & other stories of the day & weekend. follow us on Twitter: @gpatriotradio & @mamamiaNOsharia. 
     Support your Local Law Enforcement. God Bless our Troops & God Bless America! 


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    90 Mins Of Non-Stop Grudge Game News & Entertainment...

  • The Gospel Light Radio Show - Special Edition Part ll

    in Religion

    The proclaimation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by members of the churches of Christ.  With your Host Stevie R. Butler.
    Co-host: Tim Bench Subject: "Freemasons" Part ll
    DATE: Febuary 19, 2018
    NOTE: We would love for you to listen LIVE or to our ON DEMAND Episodes via Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, Sticker, Spreaker.com or the Tunein Apps!

  • OMG Schaumburg Stu is co-hosting today

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    Welcome to Sports Time Radio hosted by The Big Jack and Dan the Man. They're here to discuss the hottest sports topics out there with you. It doesn't matter what sport is your favorite sport they'll talk to you about it. The pennant races are heating up in Major League Baseball; maybe that's your sport. The National Football League season is here. Maybe you want to talk about how your favorite team is going to do this season or if there was a move they either made or didn't make that you thought they should've. It's the off season right now in the National Hockey League and the National basketball Association, but the NBA has made some noise with trades and big free agent signings. Also don't forget fantasy sports. There's a FanDuel line up almost everyday and Dan will have one too as long as it's free. Don't forget to check out SportsTimeRadio.com and follow the podcast on Twitter@SportsTimeRadio

  • Episode 437 Who Are Active Shooters?

    in News

    Welcome to another edition of the PRIVATE OFFICER BEAT RADIO SHOW!
    Last week we talked about Conflict Resolution and Deescaltion and this week we were to follow up with Part 2.
    We will do that next week because today we need to hear about Active Shooters. Who Are They and Why do they shoot up schools, churches and businesses and how can we prevent and respond to them more effectively.
    LOts of other news also to share so hang in there and Welcome!

  • Tha ABYSS: Inside Tha Octagon hosted by Kalani Lua and Leo Schauer

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    Welcome to Tha ABYSS: Inside Tha Octagon-Hosted by Kalani Lua(@klua11)& Leo Schauer)@schauerleo). The show is presentedted by Tha SPORTSKRIB Network.
    Co-host Kalani&Leo bring you an experience peek inside the world of MMA. The show features news, fight analyst, predictions, giving you alook at the sport of MMA inside and out! Avid sports enthuansists and fan(antics) Kalani and Leo delves into the sport with an unbridled passion, bringing the stories of the personalities involved behind the scenes and setting the stage for your utmost enjoyment of the upcoming bouts and possinle matchups in the future.