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  • Vaccine News, Politics & Law - Please Share

    in Health

    Join Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, J.D., as he discusses the FL Appellate Court Case and critical fundraising effort; a heroin evaccine ready for human testing; research on personalized vaccines to replace chemotheray; a nurse who administered the vaccine that killed her daughter; new vaccines for kids in West Virginia; the battle over new vaccines for kids in France; a media release from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN); and more!

  • January Jones What's So Funny About Heart Disease?

    in Health

    What's So Funny about Heart Disease?
    with Karyn Buxman
    Karyn Buxman is an international speaker, neurohumorist, nurse, and author of "What’s So Funny About… Heart Disease?",  "What’s So Funny About… Diabetes?", and"What's So Funny About... Nursing?"  
    Karyn is a past president of AATH, as well as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the co-founder of World Laughter Tour.

  • Demystifying Hepatitis B

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Chari Cohen, Director of Public Health for the Hepatitis B Foundation (HBF) about how different Hepatitis B is different from Hepatitis C and how it is transmitted and prevented.

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    UrbanEx Real Talk Fitness Radio

    in Nutrition

    Master Trainer TiAja hosts UrbanEx Fitness, the inaugural broadcast and asks question: Is the health & fitness industry making you sick? The powerful weekly broadcast aims to provide insights, not only into the health & fitness industry as a whole, but will also assist in empowering the public by sharing TiAja's 30+ years of health & fitness experience and unique philosophy of training individuals from the inside out. Urban Ex Fitness believes that health is more than a six pack or a smaller dress size; that health is wholeness, the total synthesis of mind, body & soul.  

  • "To Root and to Rise" with TBI survivor and author, Carole Starr

    in Health

    Join host Amy Zellmer as she chats with Carole Starr about her TBI journey and her newly released book. 
    Carole Starr's life changed forever in 1999 when she sustained a brain injury in a car accident. She was unable to continue her life as a teacher and amateur musician. It took Carole many years to accept her brain injury and the new person she became. She's reinvented herself by focusing on what she can do. She's now an inspiring keynote speaker, the author of To Root & To Rise:  Accepting Brain Injury, and the founder and facilitator of Brain Injury Voices, an award-winning survivor education, advocacy and peer mentoring volunteer group. 
    Purchase Carole's book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2sTPJg5 This episode is sponsored by: Minnesota Functional Neurology 

  • Learn a bit more about Yes CA and Cal Con Con and what it can do FOR YOU.

    in Health

    Today hear from Marcus Evens, Leader of Yes California, and one or two other experts who have seen a bright future for California, and that it lies in our Independence and eventual Secession from the United States. 

  • How to get medical vaccine exemptions

    in Health

    Vaccinations are now forced on our public without informed consent! Vaccine manufacturers are a liability free industry, which means that they can't be sued for a faulty product. Since the 1986 the number of vaccines have continually increased. Today the average child is required to get 69 doses of 16 different vaccines to enter school.
    Vaccines are according to the supreme court " unavoidably unsafe" and states are now passing laws that make vaccination manditory without even informed concent.
    This episode we will tell you the step by step legal ways to get a medical exemption
    Don't miss this life saving episode!

  • Dr Ron Unfiltered Uncensored Diet and Detox

    in Health

    Reach us at 347-989-8899
    Facebook Dr Ron Unfiltered Uncensored
    email docronradio@gmail.com
    Drs Ron, Gerry and Dan with over 150 years of medical experience will discuss these topics and others that you will not hear from the main stream media. Big Pharmaceutical companies are controlling the research and funding.
    You can listen any no of ways. Stitcher, TunIn, Google Play and Blubrry. Here are some links:
    <iframe src="http://tunein.com/embed/player/p1012124/" style="width:100%;height:350px;" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"></iframe>

  • Luther Vandross Tribute Show

    in Health

    We’re honored to celebrate Luther Vendors, his musical legacy and raise awareness for diabetes health-related complications (such as stroke) on this Luther Vandross Tribute podcast.
    In the years since Luther’s passing, one constant has remained to define his life and musical success: the voice. Like any great singer of the past 100 years, Luther Vandross’ voice and distinct singing style led to not only monumental success, but an instant recognition when you hear him singing–through your stereo, car radio, on TV or in a movie. Coupled with that voice was Luther’s unique ability to write and sing about love and the shared emotions we all feel in that search for and enjoyment of love. Through his songs, for the last two generations Luther Vandross became a staple in the most joyous moments of people’s lives.
    Featured guests include Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Luther percussionist Steve Kroon, Luther vocalist Pat Lacy, members of ‘The Luther Vandross Experience’, friends and fans.
    Throughout the  podcast we will be featuring selected songs from the album entitled ‘Luther Vandross’ courtesy of SONY Music.

  • GEI Radio Present Health Talk

    in Weight Loss

    GEI Radio Presents YOUNGEVITY HEALTH TALK CALL Hosted By Donald Snowden and John Bryan to commence every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. Ask questions andGet answers to the root cause of your health concerns and learn how to maintain optimal health naturally!!  CALL 347-855-8752 

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    Lymphedema: Reduce Toxicity and Avoid Cancer with Dr. Loretta Friedman

    in Health

    Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. Loretta Friedman about Lymphedema and how to reduce toxicity and avoid cancer.
    Are you experiencing inflammation, a musculoskeletal injury or chronic condition like cancer? For the past 14 years, Dr. Loretta Friedman has developed an exciting new form of treatment for patients with cancer and other chronic ailments called Lymph-Biologics.
    In this episode, Dr. Loretta discusses Lymph, common symptoms and how to prevent Lymph system issues. You’ll find out ways to reduce toxicity and avoid cancer. Listen to the end for case studies that you may relate to.