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  • Discovery and Meaning of Cyclic Time with Jules Boles

    in Science

     Our most precious and accepted scientific principles, built over millennia by luminaries including Einstein, Darwin and Hawking, are all built on one basic idea, that time is a straight line. However, logical contradictions that arise are given ever-more improbable explanations to fill the gaps - string theory, dark matter, parallel universes. It just doesn’t add up. 
    But what if time is not a straight line? What if time is a circle with a relatively short repeating cycle? Everything falls neatly into place.
    Welcome to Flash Time: a revolutionary new world view book written by today's special guest Jules Boles. Flash Time is a challenge to everything we think we know. It is an idea he developed over decades, based on inconsistencies in science, even though his original intention was actually to disprove cyclic time. 
    Flash Time is a revolutionary new way of looking at the universe and our place in it by seeing time as a cycle rather than a line. It is a truly mind-bending book that will change how you think about the world around you. As a result,our most persistent scientific inconsistencies are swept away, along with all our biggest scientific assumptions, and a new ‘Theory of Everything’ that really works is presented. 
    To quote Jules, “I found an Earth-shatteringly different universe - one that travels from order to chaos and back again. The world’s fate is not as bleak as it seems today: nature has a powerful ability to restore order when we create chaos.”
     Jules Boles, FGA, FRGS is a chief gemmologistt at the British Gemmological Institute.

  • Life & Vivantonomy: Introduction

    in Psychology

    Please join us for a new segment of shows concerning life as a moral basis for our actions, and as a way to honor our inter-relational selves.

  • Vanessa Orr Returns to the show

    in Social Sciences

    I am excited  because I am going to have Vanessa back to talk to Barbara's daughter Priscilla. We are becoming a family and its interesting to see everyone relating and getting to know one another. I love doing these shows and having everyone hear thse wonderful people and learning so much from them.  I know you will all love hearing what they have to say and hearing what they want to say to Priscilla , this is going to be one great show make sure and tune in 

  • Living With the Flow of Synchronicity with Sky Nelson-Isaacs

    in Science

    Synchronicity or meaningful coincidence has been something philosophers and scientists have wondered about for decades. Most of us have experienced it at least once. You are on a much anticipated road trip and your vehicle breaks down. As you’re waiting by the side of the road a mechanic who specializes in just that type of car drives up and lends a hand. Is this just chance? Can two events be related in a meaningful way without one causing the other? If so, what does this tell us about the cosmos? Can we live in such a way and make choices that encourage synchronicity? Is that something we should strive for?
    In Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World,  today's special guest, physicist Sky Nelson-Isaacs turns to quantum mechanics to seek answers. Adhering to what we know from science, while offering a provocative new hypothesis, Nelson-Isaacs proposes that the cosmos may be designed to bring us meaningful, synchronistic experiences in response to the choices we make.
    When we live in “flow,” a state of activity in which we align with our purpose and values, balancing our personal good with the greater good, we make choices that invite synchronicity. In addition to a layperson’s explanation of the possible physics behind synchronicity, Nelson-Isaacs shows how cultivating flow can empower us individually and help make our world a better place.
    Sky Nelson-Isaacs is a physics educator, speaker, author, and musician. He has a masters degree in physics from San Francisco State University, with a thesis in String Theory, and a BS in physics from UC Berkeley. Nelson-Isaacs has dedicated his life to finding his own sense of purpose, beginning as a student of the Yogic master Sri Swami Satchidananda when he was less than five years old. 

  • Within The Chaos Special Guest Hayley Ramsey

    in Science

    Hayley A. Ramsey
    Born and raised in a small town in Texas, Hayley is now a world traveler, a college student studying archaeology and astronomy, and upcoming author, and has been to many different sites with archaeologists, anthropologists, and researchers like herself to study our ancient past. Her main areas of interest include archeoastronomy, ancient Goddess lore, ancient megalithic sites, and pre-Columbian contact. So far, her research has taken her across the globe to Europe, the United Kingdom, and Central and South America. She is a member of New England Antiquities Research Association, and the World Explorers Club. Currently she is working on an archaeological project connecting ancient sites across the U.S. Hayley is always on the lookout for new sites and discoveries!

  • 8 Tips to Cut Your Tax Bill in Half

    in Environment

    8 Tips to Cut Your Tax Bill in Half