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  • Connecting With Your Divinity - Angel Life

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    We have so Divine much support and unconditional love from our spiritual team, including our angelic helpers but ultimately, it's up to us to take action in our lives. Dial USA (347) 202 0232  for angel coaching on the show with Trudy, Darren and I, or to share. We can be angelically guided, supported, nurtured and helped when we ask and pay attention. Inspired action opens so many doors - including those that appear firmly closed.
    ***Hello lovely friends. I wanted to share with you that Leesa's path is taking her in a new direction, and she will no longer be broadcasting on Angel Heart Radio. Leesa, thank you, for all you have shared with us on Angel Heart Radio, and all the wonderful episodes we've broadcast together! Love, Anayah
    Darren from DinaNDarren joins Anayah and Trudy monthly, on Angel Life, and we are very excited to welcome him to our loving team! I know you are gong to just LOVE Darren and all he brings to the show!
    Join Anayah Joi Holilly, Trudy Griswold and Darren Snell, aka DinaNDarren as they share tips and tools on how to not only get guidance from the angels but how to take empowered action on that guidance. YOU are the boss of your life! 
    Call in on +1 (if you're outside the USA) (347) 202-0232 or USA (714) 583-6858 twe'd love to talk to you!
    WRITE IN WITH YOUR QUESTION: If you can't call in, ask your question by writing to love@angelheartradio.com and put Angel Life Question in the subject line and we'd love to answer it for you on air.

  • Thunder and lighting out of the community. # 974

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    Come join sisters, Deborah, Judith, guests and me.


    in Self Help

    Frank Perino Host
    Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro Co Host
    Joseph Arian Engineer
    INNERSIGHT means FREEDOM-advocates for the disabled  

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1925

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    Tonight's special guest is Brian S from India, a former boarding school student who survived severe long-term physical and sexual abuse. After being sent to live at the school at age 9, Brian disclosed the physical abuse he experienced by the hostel warden and the school principal to his family. Tragically, he was forced to stay at the school being told things like, “you need to learn to be brave and deal with these things,” and, “there are other children living in the same situation as you. If they can manage it, why can't you? Don't try to run away from life. Be brave.” Brian describes feeling worn down physically and mentally after the first few years of enduring constant violence that left him feeling hopeless. It was at that already low point at age 11 when the sexual abuse began and lasted for 4 years. For three decades after leaving school Brian tried to focus on working hard while he continued suffering the impact of trauma including insomnia, flashbacks, an eating disorder, and chronic stress. He was unable to have close relationships due to issues with trust, insecurity, and needing validation. Then about 2 years ago Brian began his healing journey through working with a therapist and psychiatrist for counseling, medication, and EMDR therapy along with listening to Buddhist chants, practicing yoga and meditation, and walking briskly for 45 minutes per day. Brian describes his recovery process, "While I feel much better now, I still have some distance to go in terms of truly loving myself. I still struggle with publicly disclosing my experience. I have so far disclosed only to a very small number of people," he says. We're looking forward to hearing his story and welcoming Brian to the NAASCA family. We invite you to call-in to join the conversation and give your support.

  • Ep. 121 Brad Jay XGames Announcer - How to Stay Excellent

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    Brad Jay is an event and TV host for some of the world's largest action sports and sporting events including X Games, the Olympic Games, ABC's World of X Games, Nitro Circus Live, U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships, and the ESPY's Red Carpet. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment including a stint as the on-court announcer for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers. A native of California, Brad's flair for entertainment emerged with his start as a morning radio host at KJEE, Santa Barbara's classic rock station and continues to this day as an award-winning on air personality at 99.9 KTYD. In addition to hosting and announcing, Brad has served as the lead music director for multiple Olympic Games, curating the music library that provides the atmosphere for both competition and ceremonies.
    Today he shares his journey. The success and the pitfalls that elevated him and his "game." Don't miss this episode!
    About the Host
    John Register is a keynote speaker who won the long jump silver medal in 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia. His business, Inspired Communications International, LLC  helps business leaders and sports career professionals by demonstrating the secrets to medal podium performance while cultivating the competitive advantage. Check out John's speaker trailer by clicking here.

  • "Living Vicariously Through Me"

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    Bold and beautiful are inner qualities of Dominique Dow Tolliver.  On the outside she's soft, gentle and quiet but when it comes to her drive, passion and talent there's so much more to this young lady.  Grab your favorite morning beverage and eaves drop on this Chick Chat with Soy and Dominique Dow Tolliver, singer, dancer and author of "Living Vicariously Through Me" now available https://www.amazon.in/Living-Vicariously-Through-Dominique-Tolliver-ebook/dp/B07DRQH7WV.  Season 9, Episode 26

  • Royal Outlett REHASH

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    To Catch the Live Show...Tune in every Monday Wednesday and Friday @9PM On Facebook www.facebook.com\plumpqueen To Stay Updated On All Things AMPspirationTTV: INSTAGRAM @ampspirationttv @9plump9queen9

  • Friendly Fire Widow's Empowerment Conference - S2 E2

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    Join Black Women Widows Empowered as we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month by holding our very first virtual conference via live podcast, July 21, 2018!
    A few topics include:
    -Mental Health, Beverly Wallace -Self-Care, Maureen Bobo
    -Love After Love, Cortne and Fulton Smith
    -Healing Through Writing & Journaling, Taya Dunn Johnson
    -Economic Empowerment, Heather Ibrahaim-Leathers, Global Fund for Widows
    -“I Walked Away From A Contract With Pharrell Williams": Mental Health Over Fame & Fortune, Jermaine Tolbert  (aka Nate Calloway), Recording Artist, Author, Former Lead Singer of 3D
    -Special Empowerment Guest, Mario Armstrong, 2x Emmy Award Winner, NBC TODAY SHOW Personality, Creator & Host of The Never Settle Show. 
    -Sista to Sista segment of BWWE widowed women empowering widowed women with our very own group members, Crystal Pruitt and Rhonda Butler.
    To register, donate or to obtain podcast information, visit friendlyfirewidowsempowermentconference.eventbrite.com
    To visit our website, visit blackwomenwidowsempowered.com
    Fiscally sponsored by The Carla Rose Foundation, Inc Donations are also accepted to help future widows in need, scholarships and more!! 

  • Move ... Get out the way!

    in Motivation

    Being a repeat offender myself, it was necessary to knock on reality's door and recognize that it is often our actions of trying to "resolve" situations, or trying to "make" people do what we want them to do that prolongs our pain, suffering, disappointment, and heartbreak; thus, blocking our progress, peace and leveling up. Sometimes, it is simply best to just MOVE, and get out of the way and let God have it.

  • You Create Your Own Reality

    in Self Help

    Seth through Mark Allen Frost will discuss his concept You Create Your Own Reality.

  • NB C.P.R - men of this world don't want righteous women "peep game"

    in Relationships

    Feat guests Bro Mikaeel, Bro Samuel, Bro Rodney Asaad, Bro Todd