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  • Reimprint Your Life w/ Dr. Lacrecia Dangerfield

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    On tonight's show, Life and Succes Coach and founder of Reimprint Your Life, Dr. Lacrecia Dangerfield, will talk with us about how we can bring new energy to our lives and become a newer, truer version of ourselves.  We are all created to do something.  We all start out with dreams, but life and life's circumstances can dull the shine of who we are and what we were created to do.  Dr. Lacrecia will help us to unlock our true selves and move forward in our calling.  Be sure to tune it

  • ACC GLOBAL NEWS features Women's Intimacy & Dating Coach Keridak Silk

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    Milwaukee, WS – The more we live, the more we grow. Experiences, both good and bad, can shape our thoughts and behavior for years to follow. We all experience times of sadness and times of sheer delight. Light overcomes the dark but at certain points, it can seem hopeless. There’s a misconception that seeking outside assistance is a sign of weakness. This myth is quickly becoming debunked thanks in part to the extraordinary work of people like Keridak Silk, life coach and certified hypnotherapist.
    Keridak holds an unparalleled professional and educational background as along with the aforementioned certifications, she’s earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology in Psychology and Sociology, a Master’s in Human Services/Counseling and Keridak has dedicated over 25 years to working as an intuitive counselor. Intertwined with her own personal challenges with divorce, intimacy issues and the slew of obstacles common to so many people across the world, Keridak is able to create a judgement free and an unconditionally supportive environment to enhance self-esteem and build personal/professional confidence.
    Offering individual and group sessions, in person, by phone and web-based; Keridak is focused empowering her clients to move through obstacles and limiting situations/beliefs. Through a variety of techniques and exercises, Keridak has the ability to remove negative energy, prepare you for romance, love and intimacy while helping you to rediscover your passion and tap into your intuition.
    With a strong referral base, Keridak has been able to build a loyal and expanding client base. Teaching intuition, hypnosis, assisting with online dating, authoring e-books; Keridak’s already full plate will add specialized webinars into the mix in the very near future. 

  • Strategic Faith: How to Transform the Way Your Think, Feel & Live

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Tacie Miles, you’ll discover:
    The faith/feeling factor, including the first step you must take toward transformation The 10 most common whirlpools of faithless thinking How changing your thinking will change your life. The high cost of negativity and what you can do about it today. Truth, lies, and an exercise to help keep you on track. 2 tools for your transformation toolbox What to do when you feel you can’t carry on (exercise on pg 168) Tracie Miles is a national speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries and a bestselling author. She has spent the last twelve years inspiring women to become who God called them to be and to live life with peace and joy, despite their circumstances. Learn more at http://traciemiles.com/

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    Salt + Honey: A Revealing Conversation with the Author, Isabel Abbott

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    Isabel Abbott is a writer and the author of Salt + Honey: secular prayers for the human hearts. Additionally, she is a consent culture radical, a corporeal artist and sex educator, a sanctuary in birth and art and death midwifery. From Isabel Abbott:
    "My life and personhood are marked and sometimes marred by experiences of love and severed losses, religious oppression and illness and trauma and wonder of survival, the stories of how these things came and shaped me, leaving me changed."
    Learning to stay with myself even in that which is protest, that to which I do not consent, that which lives forever in the hollow of the slats of my ribcage, has been the greatest work and love of my life. Showing up for and with others in these thresholds is much of what I am here to do.

  • Lady V's B-Day Turn Up

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    Tonight we are turning up and celebrating the birthday of our very own Lady V. Although she wears many hats, she is a woman to be celebrated. Come inside the playhouse, as we celebrate and thank the woman who touch many lives. Are you ready to have a party? Tonight it's going to be a party. Tell your friends and your family the playhouse is where they want to be.

  • WWD 138 The Heart of God and nature of God

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    The Heart of God and nature of God

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  • WWD 139 Stay in Obedience

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    Stay in Obedience

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    Mary Shores Shares Her Devastating Loss For The Very First Time In Public.

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    Mary Shores teenage years was not easy. Abandoned by her mom at the age of 16, she was put out to fend for herself after her mother had remarried. Mary shares her deep dark pain of losing her child born with brain damage caused at birth for the first time. Tune in to find out how Mary survived this at such a young age and what she did to try to keep her baby girl alive. She shares with us her newest book and her system of cleanse or clog.  Her program called Conscious Communication will have you think about how to align your words, thoughts, and actions to produce what you want. After everything Mary went through as a young woman, she knows the power of Conscious Communication is key to living a happy fulfilled life. Mary is offering a completely free ignite Your Dreams workbook for listeners. Here's the link http://maryshores.com/iyd-workbook.  

  • WWD 140 Thoughtfulness

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  • ACC NEWS features Mindset Empowerment Coach Christi Kendall

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    We’re all born with the ability to succeed. The more we live, the greater the chance that you’ll endure hardships, disappointment and setbacks… but there’s also a higher chance for triumph and glory. Personal and professional success is the vision we all strive for but in today’s world it can be incredibly difficult to maintain balance and truly achieve our dreams in every facet of life. As Christi Kendall’s clients will confess, she has the capability to snap you out of the limiting mindset, identify the issues at hand and get you back on the path towards empowerment and fulfillment.
    For Christi’s work, she’s able to incorporate intuition and healing abilities while drawing from personal and professional experience. Christi works with people in overcoming fear, trauma and a variety of obstacles that limit progress. She is an award winning sales performer and exudes the confidence that many people need in order to succeed.
    Through her sessions, people will experience a unique and client-centered approach that is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Christi’s programs all strive to assist in empowerment, enlightenment and act as an amazing initiator of positive change. The success her clients have experienced has helped Christi to build a loyal base within a relatively short amount of time. Between word of mouth, Facebook and other social media outlets, the word is out about Christi and her ability to enrich the lives of her clients.
    With her one on one sessions, group workshops, speaking events and her upcoming book Align Yourself to Success, the sky is the limit for what Christi can do. More importantly, if you’re struggling to find your way or reconnect with the path that you’ve always dreamed of, contacting Christi is the first step towards this incredible journey. 

  • The Speaker’s Edge: How to Locate & Land Lots of Speaking Gigs

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Ken Lizotte, you’ll discover:
    How to get your ducks in a row  Why you should focus on OPPORTUNITIES not keynotes Why authoring a book is a MUST How to drive event planners your way Ken’s secret trick for reducing time spent on formal speaking proposals How to leverage relationships to attract speaking opportunities How pro bono speaking can lead to PAID gigs Your keys to delivering “knock-it-out-of-the-park” presentations How to maximize your engagements so they lead to MORE! Ken Lizotte CMC is author of seven books including his latest The Speaker’s Edge. Founder of Emerson Consulting Group in Concord Massachusetts, he transforms business experts and companies into “thoughtleaders.” Learn more at his site, www.ThoughtLeading.com