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Vaccines have saved millions of lives and are perhaps the greatest advance in health science in the last 200 years. In fact, we should be so grateful for the "settled science" that we should never look at their destructive effects, or the cases where they have spread disease or killed people who received them, especially children. Clearly, we need to criminalize talking about any possible drawbacks of vaccines, and it should be considered hate speech. America was founded on the idea that people everywhere are born with certain inalienable rights that come directly from God, and this applies no matter in what part of the world a person may live. These rights include freedom of speech about all subjects. But they also include informed consent, which was further confirmed in the Geneva Convention. Informed Consent means no one can perform any medical treatment on any of us without our complete understanding of what is being done, what may happen to us as a result, and unless we freely give our permission for it to be done to us, after knowing these things. So, after fully understanding a proposed medical treatment, if you do not wish to have it done to you, no one is allowed to subject you to that treatment. That means compulsory vaccination laws in states such as California and New York are void and cannot legally be enforced. But there is more. After vaccine companies and individuals administering vaccines were given immunity from liability that had arisen due to lawsuits by parents of injured children and from other vaccine victims, Congress also declared that HHS must direct FDA to perform certain tests yearly to prove that vaccines were becoming safer and that they would not harm those who took them. FDA ignored that mandate from 1987 through today. Ralph Fucetola, J.D. and Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D. have a strategy of what to do to stop mandatory, unconstitutional vaccination in its tracks and save lives in the process.
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