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    Reiki Vibrations LLC has been summoned by the Universe to support Health and Wellness in a sacred space that will replenish, enhance, and restore all who enters our space.
    Three extremely powerful Energy Practitioner Masters, Linda La Boyd, DeBorah Rowser and Sandy Rodgers, will be leading the charge in providing healing services in the Lakewood area of Atlanta at the IWIFresh Farm Oasis, located at the Ali Community Building.
    Services will include but are not limited to Reiki, Traditional Chinese Foot Reflexology, Nutrition Consultations, BARS Access Consciousness, Qigong, Detoxing, Diabetes specialty and other forms of healing.
    Tune in and be the first to register for their services or offer your financial support in in this History Making Endeavor….
    See you on the radio.

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    The Carolina Squat

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    Why is the "Carolina Squat" still a thing?
    I was down in Myrtle Beach last week and saw multiple trucks with various degrees of "squat" being driven around. I thought this "trend" died out a while back, I don't even understand the point of it, it looks stupid.
    Edit: TLDR: prerunners have squat so the back tires land first when going over jumps, people wanted that look and went over board
    Prerunners sit like they do just because of how the suspension is set up, not so they land rear first. In fact, they often land front first or fairly evenly. The rear just had more room for up travel so they don't need to sit as high in the rear to have that travel.
    But yes, the whole trend is basically based on prerunners.
    I also can't watch rhe video here at work so I'm just replying to the text of the above comment, not the contents of the video.
    Side note: None of us who live in California ever refer to the state as "Cali."
    IIRC The origin was actually functional, something related to mudding and getting more traction on the rears. Kind of like some sand dune riders have a functional lean. But yes, its all a fashion trend for the MB goers of the world. My theory is some motivation for the trend is that it is cheaper to drop (or leave as is) one end and raise the other. If you don't have much money and want to go big you raise the front first.

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    How Loving Your Very Own Soul Creates The Life You Want

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    Time, it is all we have. We are going to live no matter how we decide to go about our lives. What does self love look like and how does it bring about decisions that are quieter yet stronger in your everyday life, your everyday choices and self compassion and acceptence. Tune in and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM PT, 8:30 AM ET! 

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    Justin Michael Williams Joins Clifton Pettyjohn on TRANS4MATION RADIO

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    From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window to sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra, Justin Michael Williams knows the power of healing to overcome. He is an author, top 20 recording artist, and transformational speaker whose work has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Grammy.com, Afropunk, Billboard, Wanderlust, and  SXSW®. With over a decade of teaching experience, Justin has become a pioneering millennial voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness.
    Justin's website, StayWokeGiveBack.com. And Justin can also be found on socialmedia @wejustwill.

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    THE BIG SHIFT! with Le'a Stroud

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    Le’a Stroud is the founder and creator of CrystalClear Spiritual BluePrint-Personal Life Retreat. She has over 40 years as a physic empathy which is rare as most physics are not empaths. She has formulated a positive vibration frequency clearing a path and filling in the grid of positive vibrations, to show others how easy it is to shift in the moment from a negative energy and into a positive energy capturing the feeling of happiness and success in the now manifested moment of life.
    She made the decision to move your life in the right here right now moment of Positive Vibration of Positive Thought to Create A Positive Outcome.

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    A Call To Action feat. Dir., Alternatives for Girls Sandra Ramocan -MLK Edition

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    As our nation commemorates and recognizes the life and legacy of one of it's greatest leaders-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, on tonight's show we are taking time to shed light on a growing problem and epedimic not just globally, nationally but right here within our own region. The growing epedmic of human and sex trafficking is a problem that effecting the lives of young people everywhere, even right here in the State of Michigan. Even though this epedimic is not new it has grown and become more prevalent in our neighborhoods and communites around the country and even around the world. And, while we know that Dr. King was a proponent of Civil Rights, he also was a advocate for Human Rights as well. And, in the spirit of Dr. King we are shedding light on this issue with the hopes of sparking a movement or a call to action that work to elminate this problem worldwide. With that in mind, tonight's guest has been helping young people escape the sinister and deadly clutches of human and sex traffickers for over many years now. Known by many as the voice for those who can no longer find the words, Sandra Ramocan serves the community with conviction and unwavering passion, making an unforgettable imprint in the lives of children and adults in crisis. We talk to Sandra tonight about this growing problem and what her organization is doing to provide a solution. 
    PLUS, we talk about a New MLK Conspiracy Theory, the upcoming Senate Impeachment Trial & the Fate of Donald Trump, and Super Bowl LIV. And, we close out tonight's show with an excerpt of one of Dr. Martin Luther King's powerful speeches. Tonight's show is definitely appointment listening. So, tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell a relative or a co-worker to not only listen but share tonight's show all over social medai so others can benefit from this cornacopia of knowledge and thought eminating through the airwaves of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show.

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    The Role Of A Woman

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    This episode will address the role of a woman. Many have seen strong women throughout their life be it a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister or a woman in the church. Yet women are everywhere including on television, magazines and in our neighborhood. Has the role of a woman changed? Let's talk about it live 1/21/20 at 11:30am Pacific. I want to hear your thoughts. Woman take on many roles however balancing such can be interesting. It can also affect ones view on life as well as impact their relationship with others. To join the conversation call 516 387-1914

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    Renown Social Worker & Mental Health Therapist Johnnie Geathers - Mental Health

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    Johnnie Geathers is a black male that gives his all to others. Johnnie has been in the social work and mental health field for seven years. Currently, he is a Mental Health Therapist for Familylinks, Inc. where he is in the Therapeutic Classroom Model working with children in 1st to 3rd grade at Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8th. In the school setting, Johnnie provides individual and group therapy to the students in the classroom and guide them to make progress to return back into the mainstream classroom setting. Outside of his work, Johnnie is a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. and currently holds a chapter, regional and national position in the organization. Johnnie is well involved in the community with his fraternity and advocating for mental health through numerous things such as writing monthly Mental Health Memoirs for his home church, The Church of Christian Compassion in Philadelphia, PA. He is a full supporter of addressing mental health by sharing his story to others especially with being a black male in the field of social work and mental health. He shared that "helping others and giving back has been in me since I was 15 and it will never change." He learned  after a recent health situation that he has to care for himself in order to care for others. Social work is life! 

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    Unleash Your Genius and Write That Book! Angela Treat Lyon is the Expert

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    Angela Treat Lyon is a CREATIVE GENIUS! 
    Join me as I interview her on Monday, January 20th at 1 pm Pacific Time, 2 pm Mountain Time, 3 pm Central Time, 4 pm Eastern Time
    Her passion is helping you unleash your own creativity and genius...She has written and published dozens of books and has created an amazing and easy-to-follow program that gives you all the steps you need to get your book published, too!
    Her unique system allows you to write and publish more rapidly and efficiently than you ever thought possible.
    Who is this ONLINE course for?
    You! If you have knowledge, skills and expertise you want to share and you want to teach someone something You, if you want to create kids’ books, or art, stories, quotes or photo books You, if you want to create coloring books, planners, or journals You, if you want to have a great workbook to accompany a course or program you created You! If this is your first, your middle, or even your umpteenth book!
    What kinds of books can you write and publish with this system?
    If you are writing a non-fiction book, this is for you. The material in this course will work for a fiction book. In the course, I focus primarily on non-fiction types: How-to books Kid books Art/photograph books Reports Workbooks Quotes, or quotes plus images Coloring books Any non-fiction book
    Want full details? Here is the link:  https://writepublishnow.com/thedeal/

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    The Robinson Show Episode 95 January 17th, 2020 with guest: Kenyatta Griggs

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    Kenyatta is an entrepreneur that has released a series of audio-books including: "Culture Vultures," "The Secret to Ballin" & "Think and Ballout" through his company called "Hip Hop Motivation." Hip Hop Motivation is a company that inspires and motivates with positive messages delivered with a hip-hop twist. Kenyatta is also a celebrity barber, speaker, author and filmmaker and has enjoyed an association with entrepreneur Damon Dash.