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    Ryan Young of Molecular Reptile talks CHONDROS!! on 2/1/15 at 9pm EST

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    Please join the hosts Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi of GTPkeeper Radio on February 1st at 9pm EST as we welcome Ryan Young of Molecular Reptiles as he explains his approach to keeping and breeding chondros. Ryan's diverse python collection includes some of the best Aru type chondros in the U.S., and we will discuss his current and future plans with this project (and possibly other python breeding projects). Ryan recently returned from a trip to Australia and we will chat about herping in Australia. Once again we will be firing up the chat room on the MVF (Morelia Viridis Forum), and may take questions for Ryan directly from the chat session. 

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    (Replay) Leopard gecko breeding and incubation special with Marcia Mc Guiness

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    Airing tonight 1/24/16 at 8:00 P.M. est
    (Replay) Leopard gecko breeding and incubation special with Marcia McGuinness of Golden Gate Geckos
    Here is a great past episode about breeding Leopard Geckos and incubation of their eggs.Almost 3 hours long! I am replaying this show due to the high demand of questions related to this topic during this time of year. I hope this will help you have a succesful leopard gecko breeding season and that all your animals do well. Please help our show by sharing the page and show links on facebook. www.facebook.com/geckonationradio. Join our group on facebook called Gecko Nation.

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    What do dogs know about food and eating?

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    Have you ever noticed how important food is in our world? We use it to celebrate, we use it to show wealth, we constantly invent new ways to cook and create new plants to eat. 
    Charlie asked me to talk about all of this with him and see what a dogs perspective on food and the consumption of food is.
    Do we require as much food as we are eating? What do our bodies ask for when it comes to nutrition? Is eating a habit? A necessity? An Obsession? Truly what else might be possible if we created a different perception around food?

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    Bad Rescue/Bad Business?

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    Are you wondering what exactly is Tumbleweed? Tumbleweed was a living, breathing feline that wanted someone to love him. Nothing more, nothing less. Sadly Tumbleweed fell into the hands of a woman that claims she is a rescue. Celine Broecker, founder of Celine's Cats and Canine's pulled Tumbleweed from the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control in Texas back in August of 2014.  Sadly Tumbleweed died October 4th, 2014, one day after Celine handed Tumbleweed over in a cardboard box, covered in his own urine & feces.  Watch the slideshow presentation to see what this so called rescue did to this poor cat. 
    Tumbleweed was a cat that was severely neglected by Celine Broecker and sadly passed away right after he was re-rescued.  How does someone claim to be a rescue when they do not properly care for these precious animals?Who does something like this?  We are seeing more and more home grown rescues that have no means to care for themselves, much less care for a vast amount of animals. This is no rescue!  More like another hoarding situation. When animals suffer upon the hands of incompetent human beings, these indivudals need to be reported to the proper authorities. A facebook page honors Tumbleweed does not want him to be forgetten. Link below. We will be discussing the lack of transparency with Celine's Cats & Canine's, denial/delay of needed medical care, mysterious disappearance of animals, retail parking lot sales of animals & a high return of animals being returned.  
    Like this page.  https://www.facebook.com/Tumbleweed-Justice-For-Tumbleweed-1022511197772637/
    Special thanks to Team Tumbleweed for keeping his spirit alive. 

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    Fish Keeping 101 Beginner Guide: Setting up & Planning your First Aquarium

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    The Tropical Fish Keeping Hobby has been getting more popular over the last few years and for good reasons.Fish tanks have been proven to be a great stress and high blood pressure reducer as the fish help soothe the mind and soul and make you feel calm and enjoy the watery scenery. Many people either enter the aquarium hobby from a family member who had a tank but no longer wanted it, or they want a new pet. Movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have also caused kids to want to rush out and get an aquarium to keep fish. However, not everyone who gets into the aquarium hobby will succeed because this hobby requires a lot of research and time! Most people fail because they add fish too fast or get the wrong fish. For example Dory is a fish that even seasoned aquarists sometimes have a hard time keeping. Fish Keeping 101 is going to be aimed towards beginners and is going to have helpful tips and information to make sure the beginner's succeed.
    Fish Keeping 101 A Beginner's Guide to: Planning, Purchasing, and Setting Up Your Aquarium
    ~ What to do before getting your first aquarium
    ~ Where to buy your aquarium... is it better to buy new or used?
    ~ Tips for Purchasing an Aquarium
    ~ Tips on equipment needed for your aquarium
    ~ Discussion on how to set up your aquarium
    Enjoy the show!

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    Become The Leader of Your Dog Pack with Dog Listener Penny Locke

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    There's a language barrier that separates us from our dogs. They don't understand our world and feel that we are their responsibility. That's why they run to the door when someone is approaching and bark when they hear a new sound. Penny Locke is a "dog listener" who helps people to train their dogs to be dogs, freeing them from the anxiety of responsibility. Through simple shifts in behavior, you become the leader of your pack and your dog can relax. She uses no force, no gadgets and no confrontation. Her approach is based on the work of Jan Fennell of Great Britain who studied wolves in the wild to learn about canines. This episode of the "Good Dog" podcast will improve your relationship with your dog forever.

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    Easy, Nutritious Homemade Food and Treats for Dogs

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    Rick Woodford is author of:
    Feed Your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs
    Known as "The Dog Food Dude" (http://www.dogfooddude.com) he is dog dad to a cancer hero named Jackson and owner of a home-cooking dog food delivery service. Rick will talk about his approach to healthy eating and the results he's seen from his recipes featured in his book.
    Rick will demonstrate how we can feed our dogs—and ourselves—natural and nourishing foods, in little time and on a budget and keep everyone in the family happier and healthier for a long time.
    Post your questions in the Tripawds Discussion Forums or join us in the Live Tripawds Chat during the show!  

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    Kasper snakker om sit nyeste skud på stammen, nemlig Scnadinavian Herpetological Symposium (S.H.S). Et symposium i København KUN tilegnet sig for os NØRDER der elsker Alt i den herpetologiske verden, om man er til feltherpetologi, naturbevarelse eller hold i fangeskab!  kun 150 biletter ialt! Næsten halvdelen er allerede solgt!  

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    The Sibe Vibe present Karen Ferreri-Miller

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    Join host, Dorothy Wills-Raftery as she presents The Sibe Vibe Show. On this episode we talk to Karen Ferreri-Miller, President of Free Spirit Siberian Rescue, Harvard, Illinois
    Website: http://www.huskyrescue.org/home

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    Episode #224 - The Return to Greatness! The Boys are Back in Town!

    in Pets

    After a long hiatus Danny & Andy return to the airwaves to reconnect the interwebs to greatness! Listen in as we catch up with much that has passed and join us as we welcome special guest Ryan McVeigh! Ryan is an outstanding example of making your goals reality and the strive to continue on with greatness.  Ryan is the president of the Madison Area Herpetological Society and one of the major driving forces behind Zilla Products, a reptile product specialty manufacturer that has been leading the way in innovative animal care products.   As usual, you can expect mayhem and more in out triumphant return to the airwaves!!  Join us live and call in! If you like what you hear, please consider donating to our Patreon account and become a sponsor or even producer for UrbanJungles Radio!  For as little as $1.00 a month you can make a huge difference and with larger donations of $10.00 or $20.00 a month you can get rewards like direct input into our programming topics and so much more. Please visit www.Patreon.com/urbanjungles for more information. Thank you for your support, help us extend our efforts and our reach!

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    #063 Late Night Leos with Rosemere Reptiles

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    #063 04-07-18 8pm Pacific 
    Join us tonight with Shelley Quesnel of Rosemere Reptiles.  Shelley owns the largest home based breeder business in Quebec. They are currently working on many breeding projects but the ones that stand out the most are  Sunburst, Diablo Blanco, Giant Mack snow trempers, Super Giant Raptors, Super Typhoons, Super Radar, Bandits, Black hole,

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