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    (Replay) Leopard gecko breeding and incubation special with Marcia Mc Guiness

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    Airing tonight 1/24/16 at 8:00 P.M. est
    (Replay) Leopard gecko breeding and incubation special with Marcia McGuinness of Golden Gate Geckos
    Here is a great past episode about breeding Leopard Geckos and incubation of their eggs.Almost 3 hours long! I am replaying this show due to the high demand of questions related to this topic during this time of year. I hope this will help you have a succesful leopard gecko breeding season and that all your animals do well. Please help our show by sharing the page and show links on facebook. www.facebook.com/geckonationradio. Join our group on facebook called Gecko Nation.

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    What does the connection you have with your pet create?

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    Have you ever noticed that your dog seems to be able to read your mind? When you are totally congruent with your thoughts and your energy, your dog responds.
    You can create miracles and havoc with this. If you think at your dog that he will be aggressive with this dog coming towards him, guess what? Your dog will not see another possibility but to act the way you are projecting at him.
    And, so what if you could also use this to change your dogs' way with things? What if it was possible to change his reaction to other dogs? Change separation anxiety? Could energetic connection with your animal be a tool you could use even when you are not with your pet?
    Charlie says: Connection is imperative. Anything that is not working between you and the animal is based on a broken connection. There is more communication going on than you think.
    Would you like to practice your energetic connection? Please join us!

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    Dog Works Radio: Seizure Dogs

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    Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as they host Dog Works Radio. On this episode we talk about seizure alert dogs on Dog Works Radio

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    Fish Keeping 101 Beginner Guide: Setting up & Planning your First Aquarium

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    The Tropical Fish Keeping Hobby has been getting more popular over the last few years and for good reasons.Fish tanks have been proven to be a great stress and high blood pressure reducer as the fish help soothe the mind and soul and make you feel calm and enjoy the watery scenery. Many people either enter the aquarium hobby from a family member who had a tank but no longer wanted it, or they want a new pet. Movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have also caused kids to want to rush out and get an aquarium to keep fish. However, not everyone who gets into the aquarium hobby will succeed because this hobby requires a lot of research and time! Most people fail because they add fish too fast or get the wrong fish. For example Dory is a fish that even seasoned aquarists sometimes have a hard time keeping. Fish Keeping 101 is going to be aimed towards beginners and is going to have helpful tips and information to make sure the beginner's succeed.
    Fish Keeping 101 A Beginner's Guide to: Planning, Purchasing, and Setting Up Your Aquarium
    ~ What to do before getting your first aquarium
    ~ Where to buy your aquarium... is it better to buy new or used?
    ~ Tips for Purchasing an Aquarium
    ~ Tips on equipment needed for your aquarium
    ~ Discussion on how to set up your aquarium
    Enjoy the show!

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    It's Just a Horse, Series Part 1 of 4

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    You are invited to come play with Armina Bridgeman CHCR Facilitator and Angela Muskat, Pat Buffalo and Jocelyn Kish three past participants of CONSCIOUS HORSE CONSCIOUS RIDER 2 Day Clinics on a series of Blogtalk Radio Shows Horses Talk We Listen
    Starting September 25-28
    Ending with a Zoom Call & Radio Show September 28th
    Pat, Jocelyn and Angela have been creating some amazing change with their businesses, we will be talking about what they have been creating with horses in their Businesses, how horses are contributing and changing their life's, their clients life's and the planet. How using the tools of Access Consciousness Conscious Horse Conscious Rider has contributed and added to their businesses and what has shown up since taking the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Clinics. 
    I wonder, what they know? Would it be a contribution to you, your business, your animals, your creations? What else is possible, now?
    Catch us Live, Call in with Questions, also there will be Replays to The Shows Here; 
    The Series Schedule 
    Monday September 25th at 7pm MST with Pat Buffalo
    Tuesday September 26th at 7pm MST with Jocelyn Kish
    Wednesday September 27th at 7pm MST with Angela Muskat
    Thursday September 28th with all 4 of us on a Zoom call and Blogtalk Radio show, Horses Talk We Listen
    Conscious  Horse Conscious Rider assists people to have a deeper connection to horses, which can lead to being a better rider, handle horses with more ease, have better performance and to the ability to be close to and understand horses.Available to people that might have fear to be next to a horse and people with Olympic Riding skills, these clinics will provide you tools, teach you new techniques and open doors to awarenesses you’ve always had, but haven’t been able to access before.

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    Episode #224 - The Return to Greatness! The Boys are Back in Town!

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    After a long hiatus Danny & Andy return to the airwaves to reconnect the interwebs to greatness! Listen in as we catch up with much that has passed and join us as we welcome special guest Ryan McVeigh! Ryan is an outstanding example of making your goals reality and the strive to continue on with greatness.  Ryan is the president of the Madison Area Herpetological Society and one of the major driving forces behind Zilla Products, a reptile product specialty manufacturer that has been leading the way in innovative animal care products.   As usual, you can expect mayhem and more in out triumphant return to the airwaves!!  Join us live and call in! If you like what you hear, please consider donating to our Patreon account and become a sponsor or even producer for UrbanJungles Radio!  For as little as $1.00 a month you can make a huge difference and with larger donations of $10.00 or $20.00 a month you can get rewards like direct input into our programming topics and so much more. Please visit www.Patreon.com/urbanjungles for more information. Thank you for your support, help us extend our efforts and our reach!

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    The Benefits, Myths and Misconceptions About Feeding Raw Dog Food

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    Host of the show is DeDe Murcer Moffett, Author, Motivational Leadership Speaker, (www.dedemurcermoffett.com) Pet lover and advocate of the "Prey Model" raw dog food diet and owner of www.RawDogFoodandCompany.com.
    Co-hosting "The Raw Dog Food Truth" is Carmen Gaudreau, a 23-year veteran of the "Raw Dog Food Diet." Carmen isn’t just your ordinary raw feeder.  She is what many would call an expert on the benefits, myths, misconceptions and unsubstantiated fears of the raw diet for dogs.   
    For the last 23 years Carmen and her beloved dogs have experienced the benefits of raw and unearthed the knowledge to go against the standard quo and veterinarian prescribed methods of feeding. 
    The pay-off and results have been nothing short of miraculous. Tune in to find out how Carmen healed her 10-month old Bouvie without antibiotics from a severe bladder infection, defied a cancer diagnosis and turned this picky unweight eater into a healthy beautiful show ring dog.
    Join us every Tuesday as we tackle the myths, misconceptions and marketing gimmicks that keep consumers confused and unaware of what’s really good for your dog and what’s not. Got a picky eater? Does your dog have allergies or digestive problems? Have you been told never feed raw? Or how about dogs need fruits and vegetables? Want the Raw Truth? Call in (657)383.1511and ask Carmen.  

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    Episode 28 - Late Night Show Volume. 3 - En Kort opdatering og Nyhed!

    in Pets

    Kasper snakker kort om sin tur til Tinley Park messen denne weekend.

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    Clicker Training Horses: How To Get Started

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    Kim Wende, owner of Passionatehorsemanship.com talks about how to get started with clicker training your horse. Clicker training is a great communication tool and it will definitely help your horse to understand what you are asking of them.

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    My Mezie is Home, a True Miracle.

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    A pet owner's worst nightmare. Your beloved family member goes missing. Vanished during a thunderstorm.  What do you do?  Tune in to hear what one woman, by the name of Dawn Altman from West Palm Beach, Florida did over 3. 5 years ago.  Dawn's  beautiful 8 year old dog, Mezie, went missing. Tune in to this episode on October 18th @ 6:30pm, EST to hear what one pet owner did and how Great Samaritans came to her aide.  Special thanks to the power of social media.  Simply click on the arrow @ the start of the show to tune in live. Wish to call into the show with any questions, comments or thoughts? The # is (516) 418-5682.
     Guest panel consists of:
    Gretchen Prevatt, Founder and Primary Admin of FB group page, Pet Haven's "Critters at Crossroads."  https://www.facebook.com/groups/PetHavensCrittersatCrossroads/
    Dawn Altman, owner of now 12 year old Mezie. https://www.facebook.com/dawn.altman3   
    Cindy Leigh, animal adovcate, who recognized the picture of Mezie over 3 years after the dog went missing. 
    Penny Jackson  Mother of Dawn Altman
    More guests will be added. 
    Save the date!  October 18, 2017  @ 6:30pm, EST. 
    Join us,
    Inspector Bark
    FB page https://www.facebook.com/InspectorBark/

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    Cancer Diet Basics for Dogs and Cats

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    When our pet gets cancer one of the first things we want to do is change their food. But it's hard to know the right way to do it and what's best to put in their bowls. That's why today we're honored to have vet nutrition expert Dr. Jennifer Larsen, DVM, PhD, DACVN on our show!
    Dr. Larsen is Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of California at Davis. She has extensive knowledge about pet food nutrition needs and today she'll share the best dog and cat cancer diet tips. For the next 30 minutes Dr. Davis will explain science-based facts about cancer and pet nutrition. Among other things we'll learn:
    Can commercial pet food cause cancer? What happens to the body when cancer takes over? How does cancer affect our pet's nutrition needs? Can a better diet help our pets fight cancer? Is there such a thing as a "cancer diet" for pets? What is the most important thing we should know about our pet's dietary needs while fighting cancer? About Dr. Larsen
    Dr. Jennifer Larsen holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Animal Science and a DVM from UC Davis. She completed one year in local private practice before accomplishing a clinical nutrition residency at UC Davis. In 2007, Dr. Larsen attained Diplomate status from the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, and completed a PhD in Nutritional Biology in 2008. She is an Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and does clinical nutritional consulting through the hospital's Nutrition Support Service.  

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