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    La Cosa Nostra Radio Our House

    in Poetry

    It's hard to balance busy life with your passion for poetry. You can satisfy that craving four nights a week on La Cosa Nostra Raddio! Join La Cosa Nostra Radio hosts JCA, MRSLILBOO & various poetry experts as well as the LCN family from around the globe to discuss, dissect, read, create , and share our love of all things poetic. Worldwide group located at . La Cosa Nostra Radio, when your here, your family  Do you have a passion for Poetry? # is the podcast for you!

  • 02:12

    A Team of Voices sharing love and respect

    in Poetry

    Welcome to A Team of Voices radio... Our group is filled with Love and Respect... We're all so happy to see you here... We are poets from all over the globe  and offer a variety of programming  for your entertainment...
    We offer open microphone's so you  can share your voice with us...
    There is something different going on with us  every single night of the week... You never know what we might have up our sleeve...
    We have game... slams... talk shows... magic tricks... contests and  special events  with poetic topics from a - z...
    and YOU  are invited to join us for the fun. - just click on to listen to the live show  or to hear any prerecorded episode  and you can also call up to participate...
    You can find our hosts and hostesses  writing over at All and hanging out  in the A Team of Voices radio group chat room  on All We push love and respect! - Stop in and check us out...  

  • 01:59

    Strange Magic After Midnight...with Incoherent Dust

    in Poetry

    “There’s a strange magic we encounter reading poetry. Something undefinable, a lifting of the spirit to match that of a writer who expresses in words what we thought had only existed, unspoken, in the heart. Have you ever had that moment, reading, when an artist’s words stop you in your tracks and make your jaw drop? Felt that rawness and exposure when someone captures in a poem what was once secret, hidden within your soul? Here we dig deep and unafraid. We find our inspiration in unexpected places and unearth that strange magic within.”

  • 03:00

    Epiphany Radio presents The HIDDEN: FLYSPEAK Feature Open Mic

    in Poetry

    Epiphany Radio Universe presents The Hidden Radio Show: FLYSPEAK FEATURE OPEN MIC. This Week's Feature  Thee Unnamed Lyricist & JG the Jugganaut
    Thee Unnamed Lyricist, Thee, spelled with two e's, is a poet/psalmsist/spoken word artist with a background in the performing arts and a native of Dallas, TX. Although, a writer of poetry for years, it has only been within the last six, that she has made it public via social media. Writing in several generas, from life's struggle, spiritual, love and abroad, it was her "Marriage Bed Undefiled Poetry," aka "Sensual Poetry" that gave birth to her wearing a decorative,Venetian mask to add to her poetic alter ego's allure. During the last six years, she has featured repeatedly on both internet radio shows and as an in person feature, in addition to being an eager participant in various open mics. Her hope is to intrigue you with her masked mystique, while taking you on an entertaining journey with her words.
    Using the stage name JG The Jugganaut, John Gibson is a two time Emmy award nominee. ¿Through his work, John gives vivid and insightful accounts of life as a black American without shying away from the painful or the humorous. ¿JG has represented the city of Columbus three times at The National Poetry Slam, making it to the semifinals of the competition in 2013. ¿John is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and  served as host and curator of The Ness Open Mic Experience poetry show in Columbus for over four years. Poetry and Spoken Word Open Mic 9pm est This is Online radio Call in number is 319-527-6300  Press 1 to be heard  ??

  • 02:07

    Delving in a Moment *** May 08th 2020 *** CAL & Essama

    in Poetry

    Welcome to the Soul Asylum- Delving into a Moment with CAL, Essame Chiba & AP Taylor...Where poetry has a voice Quote:"FOREVER IS COMPOSED OF NOWS" ~ Emily Dickinson Join CAL for poetry recitals and discussions, intertwined with intellectual consciousness and live caller interaction. It is really what separates those who are truly active with a voice from those who are actively voiceless. Connecting the world finding solutions for changing a BeAT World. Open your heart and express your truth.

  • 02:32

    21 Questions w/Lady V: Sublimin-ology w/ Subliminal

    in Poetry

    Are you ready for Sublimina-ology? In order to find out exactly what is coming through the playhouse, you must be in attendance. You don't want to miss this sassy Queen, as she comes through and gives you nothing but the truth.
    Deidra Hatcher a.k.a. Subliminal, was born in Phillipians. She is a new poet, spoken word artist, and entrepreneur. Her ink has been featured on: -Drip da Mic presents -Drip da Mic Poemanology She is the co-host of Drip Da Mic presents with host Aziez the Poemanologist and a host of Drip Da Mic Poemanology a platform for poets to spit their erotic and open mic pieces on Blogtalkradio without any judgment or guilt. She is also new to the poetry platform in which she has only been writing for a year, but you would never be able to tell by the words she spits. Waiting to take her next step and perform to music, Subliminal is always finding new ways to stretch her pen. What motivates her is management. Subliminal has a gift for finding beats and helping producers help poets and their albums. She is currently in the studio with her King Aziez the Poemanologist. Please take notice of more to come when Sublimina-ology comes to any mic. 

  • 03:05

    Movement of Sound ~ a poetic journey through words

    in Poetry

    Welcome to our little neck of the woods we call a poetic slice of life. In our corner of the world we like to focus on the cultural slice of life that entails the arts, music, entertainment and literary greats of yesterday that have shaped our today's and our tomorrow's for generations to come.
    Join us on our weekly show we call movement of sound a poetic journey through words. Through poetry and discussion we will be visting musical greats that have shaped the face of music through the decades. Tonight's featured topic is woodstock!

  • 02:08

    Drip Da Mic presents Erotic Friday

    in Poetry

    Welcome to Drip Da Mic presents:Erotic Friday. Tonight we will engage in sensual and erotic poetry. No holds barred tonight poets,get those fire pieces ready to share with us and make these mics drip. With your host Aziez the Poemanologist  and co-host Subliminal. The dail in number is  646-378-0355 press 1 and make this mic drip

  • 02:47


    in Poetry

    UPRISING RADIO Welcomes you to Poetry In the Raw...hosted by Sylvia L. Blalock
    We are a POSITIVITY ZONE...
    if you've got some, bring some...
    if you need some, take some...
    Whether you are bringing a rich piece that feeds the spirit, a deep piece that feeds the mind, a delicious piece that feeds the body or  a juicy piece that feeds the imagination our OPEN MIC has room for everyone. 
    Dust off those pens and get ready…the mics are open and so is the topic. We are coming to you LIVE from the BAY AREA and we invite poets and spoken word artists to break in these new mics! 
    (319) 527-6039
    If you would like to share a piece or join the conversation, press "1" when you call in
    MONDAY MAY 11th, 2020
    7:00 PM PST
    9:00 PM CST
    10:00 PM EST
    Hosted by Sylvia L. Blalock on the new, Uprising Radio, POETRY IN THE RAW is kicking off the new vision and we invite you to celebrate with us. 
    If you would like to share a piece on the mic, press "1" when you call in
    you can also join us right here on to enjoy spoken word poetry and more from ANYWHERE. 

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    Shanara Sanders

    in Poetry

    Ask a Black Woman