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    Follow the Money: Capitalism, Property, 45, and LLCs

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    If you want to get a clear current example of how capitalism works, simply follow the reporting about the Trump family and property holdings and investiments. Property ownership is at the art of capitalism. Capitalist know that people need a place to live. They know people will pay almost any price for shelter. So like fictional vampires, capitalist prey on people who depend on some form of housing. In this epsiode, we'll discuss the current reporting on property holdings and situate it within the capitalist economic system. We'll discuss also how it could be different under a socialist ecomony. 

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    Liberal Fix Radio with Guest Gordon Lafer

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    This episode features Gordon Lafer, author of The One Percent Solution: How Corporations Are Remaking America One State at a Time.

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    The Liberal Redneck ("No One is Above the Law!")

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    Glad you stopped in to listen.  Join us sometime! Since the "election" the Trump Administration continues to thumb their nose at the American People and now the world.  Join us tonight as we discuss the "What now?"  Join the conversation and weigh in.  Here's your chance to call in! Since when did these people forget they work for us? Time to show them in 2020! 
    LR, Scotty the Professor, and PD The Pagan Goddess tell to you straight!
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    HE TIMELINE FOR THE TRUMP ADMIN. --- THINGS TO INVESTIGATE ============================================
    Washington (CNN)This is a timeline of what is known about President Donald Trump's actions regarding the Russia investigation -- from conversations and comments, to tweets and meetings. CNN has reported that special counsel Robert Mueller plans to interview three top intelligence officials about their interactions with Trump as part of the early stages of what could become an obstruction investigation. The Washington Post reported on Wednesday night that Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice.
    November 13, 2016: For the first time after the election, President-elect Trump weighs in publicly about the job security of FBI Director James Comey. Trump tells CBS News he respects Comey but hasn't made up his mind. Trump says he "would like to talk to him before" deciding.
    January 6, 2017: Top US intelligence officials brief Trump about Russian meddling in the election. After that finishes, Comey stays behind for a one-on-one meeting to tell Trump about a dossier by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele containing salacious allegations. At some point, Trump tells Comey that he hopes Comey will stay on as FBI director, and at some point before Comey leaves, Trump's aides make it clear that Trump won't ask him to step down, according to The New York Times. Something happens during this meeting that compels Comey to immediately write a memo about the encounter upon leaving Trump Tower.

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    Richard Mayhew: Health Care Policy Prognosis

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    Richard, a health policy wonk's wonk,  joins us to discuss some gory details of the GOP HCR process.  RIchard has  spent most of his career in the health insurance industry managiing rate structures,  For several years now he has shared his knowledge of health care policy and elements of the PPACA with readers of the Balloon Juice blog.
    And in January he tossed aside his super hero  grab to reveal himself as David Anderson, Research Associate at Duke's Margolis Center for Health  Policy

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    #JustSayin' with Mandy Kinney Episode 15

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    Hey there!  I keep hearing on the news that Russia hacked our political servers, they swayed our election, and they are our mortal enemy.  But why?  I decided a couple MONTHS ago that I would do a show on this, but I wanted to make sure I knew all I could before speaking, so I delayed it.  I wanted to know if Vladimir Putin is really the spawn of Satan.  Our media certainly paints a picture of him that makes me think so!  Listen Tuesday, February 14, for the answer to these questions and more!
    Please call (215) 383-5796 if you’d like to chat with me live!  If you can't catch the live broadcast be sure to check out the podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Player FM, Spreaker, and Pocket Casts.  You can also always listen to any previous episode at  http://www.mandykinney.com/p/justsayin-shows-page-listen-here.html.
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    OCG :: "Politics Another Perspective" with Dr. Wilmer Leon of Inside the Issues

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    Politics Another Perspective with Dr. Wilmer Leon, Host, "Inside the Issues"  UrbanView XM Radio
    Politics Another Perspective: Analysis of Race, War, Ethics and the American Political Landscape in the Age of Obama is a collection of Op Ed's written by Wilmer J. Leon, III, Ph.D. As a collection, these writings provide cutting edge analysis of the various issues that influenced the American geopolitical landscape since 2006 and insight into the direction that the country is headed.
    We will talk with Dr. Leon about his new book. 
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    The IDECLAIR Show...

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    #NewNightFriday 16, June 2017, 9PM ET Live: 
    W/ Larry the Political Analyst
    #HumanePolicyCreatesHumaneTone  #CopingInChaos 
    We engage in an #OpenMic end of the week discussion on serious & impactful issues, events, & concerns on the minds, kitchen tables & in the laps of everyday Americans. 
    Call, chat, FB, & Twitter Your 'REAL RAW RIGHT NOW...' power perspective!
    Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... 

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat. June 10, 2017 on "NU Day"  TOPICS: Legacy and Destiny of "Black Music" and "The Art of Struggle": TREASON, BETRAYAL, SABOTAGE, and SELL OUTS.   Tonight we will examine the past (history) and present day. Too often our progressive and independent Thinkers, Freedom Fighters, Groups, Organizations etc are Destroyed, Weakened, Set Up, and Worst due to not just "physical agents" sent in by the enemy or of thier own agendas, but spiritual agents who  either deep down hate themselves and/or Black people, and definitely don't want to see us holistically advance nor to be FREE.. Question for Tonight:  What does it mean to be a BLACK MAN and BLACK WOMAN TODAY and How Will We Move Forward In That Manner.
    ALSO: Review of a few very interesting stories in the news,  MWM updates and reports and more.
    Tonight's "On The LIVE LINE" Guest are:  Our official MWM Coordinator Sis. Angela Sayles giving us a report from Cleveland, OH and Sis Keisha Forrester of Straight Black Pride (NY)

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    PNN- Art-JeJune-Duo

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    PNN Does it WRITE  We bring in addition to the Marvelous Ms Brook Hines Senior Political Commentator and Essayist  This week from our writers pool we bring Deborah M. Hodgetts author of YA fiction "The Curtain Twitchers of Oakley Place" and also her amazing poetry collection  "A Universe of Love" and the upcoming "You Should have been here Yesterday" about Ex-BBC Cameraman Tony Jacobs - who led and photographed a thrilling life. We also welcome long time friend of the show, Cosmo Ohms a Producer and Mixing Engineer with over forty years of production experience. Who will tell us about life backstage and out at the Sound Mixing Desk from coast to coast. Hosted and produced by News Director Rick Spisak for Canary in a Coalmine Films. ?Tune in 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific ... or Anytime

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    Memorial Day: Let's Remember the Whole Story

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    Bob Kirkconnell, author of American Heart of Darkness, will discuss the hidden (to this day) reasons we were in Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia. And also how our corporate government and media have revised history and erased the truth. We will discuss:
    Media propaganda Vietnam Southeast Asia As always, call in and let's talk!