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    Clear & Convincing - Episode 20 - State of Maryland v. Adnan Syed

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    On the afternoon of January 13, 1999, Hae Min Lee disappeared after leaving Woodlawn High School, where she was a popular athlete and scholar.   Police looking for her questioned several people, including her current boyfriend, Don C., and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed.  Hae’s body was found partially buried in a shallow grave in Leakin Park, in Baltimore City, Maryland.  Three days later, on February 12, an anonymous tip led police to put Adnan Syed at the top of their suspect list.  On February 27, 1999, Jay Wilds, an acquaintance of Syed, was interviewed by police and, early on the morning of February 28, 1999, led police to Hae’s missing vehicle.  Syed was arrested and charged with first degree murder.   The case has been the topic of multiple podcasts, including Serial in 2014 and Undisclosed in 2015, which raised questions about the investigation and Syed’s conviction and have alleged that Syed is actually innocent.   Join Lisa O’Brien and Michael Carnahan on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. Central for a discussion of the facts surrounding Hae’s disappearance, the investigation, the evidence against Syed, the issues raised by Syed during his post-conviction challenges and the appeal by the State of Maryland challenging the 2016 decision to grant Syed’s request for a new trial.  We’re a live show and calls are welcome.  Our phone number is (347) 989-1171.

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    Laurel Touby, MEDIABISTRO.com founder and cyberhostess: Mr. Media Interview

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    The original idea for mediabistro.com was cooked up in 1994, when Laurel Touby—then a freelance business writer and Glamour magazine contributor—and a friend decided to host a mixer for media people. About 20 editors, writers, and other content creators came to that original party at Jules Bistro in the East Village. Attendees bought their own drinks and enjoyed casual after-work bonding in the company of like-minded people. The parties quickly grew, and soon Laurel had 4,000 of New York's top media talent on her

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    Aurelio Mattucci, Torrance City Council Member

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    Our guest this morning is newly elected Torrance City Council Member, Aurelio Mattucci.
    Aurelio was elected to the Torrance City Council on June 5, 2018. He currently serves as Chair of the Transportation Committee, and as a member of both the Strategic Plan Committee and Citizen Development and Enrichment Committee.
    Prior to his Council election, Aurelio served as Vice Chair of the Social Services Commission and as a Board Member of the Torrance Rose Float Association. He has been an active participant in the community as a Torrance Police Department Neighborhood Watch Captain, Founder of the Unified Small Business Alliance, and a board member of New Challenge Ministries, a local food bank.
    This morning, we’re going to discuss several hot topics with Aurelio, including the local coyote problem, shared mobility devices, illegal dumping and more.
    To Find Out More about the two show hosts of The South Bay Show read on:
    Jackie Balestra features a comprehensive selection of things to do, places to go and people to know in the South Bay.to learn more visit http://www.SouthbayByJackie.com
    To Find Out More about Joe Terry visit https://www.MasternodeConsulting.com/about
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    Politically Direct With Fernando Uribe-Episode 31-Special Guest: Koren Frankfort

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    Coming up, I welcome Young Democrats of America Resolutions Chair Koren Frankfort to Politically Direct! We will discuss her work with the Young Democrats of America, which progressive causes she feels strongly about, the job performance of Governor Phil Murphy, the upcoming Congressional Mid-Term elections and much more. I am proud to partner with Insider NJ and host this weekly informative podcast. Feel free to call in and chat with us during the program. 818-572-8032

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    Top officials in Onslow County accused of covering up rape allegations

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    In this episode of News In Onslow Radio, Hans Miller is accused yet again of covering up a then 15-month old child being molested by her father. The grandmother says that District Attorney Earnie Lee and Mike Maultsby are all on a recording apologizing on Sheriff Miller's behalf. An Onslow County Deputy John Getty is also involved in the investigation as well as Onslow County Commissioner Robin Knapp's wife, Kelli Knapp.
    We are live tonight at 8:00 P.M.

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    Chinese African domince is worrying to most Africans , what shall we do ?   

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    "Get Out" . .. A true story about Black Organ Harvesting.

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    Usually when most Black People go to see a Motion Picture Film full of Subliminal Messages the first that comes out of their fool mouths is: "Aww that just Hollywood." They are are so blind and far from the truth that they cant even see when a visual message is being sent through Movies, TV and Cinema.When White People and Jews show us the destruction they are about to bring upon us they have already done and are working on something else so when their destruction comes our way and we say: "Well nobody warned us". The Whiteman will say: "We've been warning you people for decades through the Media, Movies and Television but you wrote it off as entertainment. Now take for example the latest movie entitled: "Get Out" full of subliminal messages starring Daniel Kaluuya and Comedian Lil Rel is a blatant example of Black Organ Harvesting. There is no coincedence that each years hundreds maybe thousands of young black people are reported missing only to be found murdered or not found at all to the present day. There is no coincidence our Medical, School and Police Records are suddenly coming up missing. There is certainly no coincidence concerning the murder rates amongst young black people in cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, Detroit, Fuergeson and Chicago dubbed Chiraq for the most murders in a single year than the entire Iraq War are disproportionately, out of control. Young blacks are encouraged to destroy one another through Gangsta Rap, World Star or shot by Police the Parents cant afford a private Autopsy done on their deceased not knowing that their whole internal organs may have been stolen and their bodies stuffed with newspaper as in the cases of Kendrick Johnson, Ryan Singleton, Vance Anderson and Henritta Lacks who was robbed of her Stem Cells. White Folks are genetically inferior to us and are dying off and our organs are their fountains of youth. BEWARE!!!

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    Black Carolinians During World War I with Janet G. Hudson

    in History

    For 21,609 young African American men who called North Carolina home, the First World War meant leaving families and familiar Tar Heel communities. The military service and sacrifice of those tens of thousands of black North Carolinians, however, are not well known among historians or the public. Their contributions, individually and collectively, have been generally ignored, simplistically rendered, represented by only a few, hidden away in disparate and scattered sources, or carried to the grave without articulation or preservation. The war’s centennial offers an opportunity to examine that void and to highlight the collective service black North Carolinians rendered.
    Janet G. Hudson is a historian, two-time winner of the Stephen L. Dalton Distinguished Teacher Award, and author of the prize-winning book, Entangled by White Supremacy: Reform in World War I-era South Carolina. Her project, Black Soldiers Mattered, is an online digital humanities project that explores African American soldiers from North Carolina who served in World War I. It can be found at http://blacksoldiersmattered.com. 

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    TRS News Call in And Tell us What Is on Your Mind

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    Noam Chomsky

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    Noam Chomsky,  one of the world's leading intellectuals stops by the "Diner" to talk with guest host Douglas C. Rapier. Noam Chomsky, is a noted philosopher, political critic, activist and long-time professor at MIT.  Noam has written extensively on politics, war, corporatism and the mass media.  Prof. Chomsky has been described as a prominent cultural figure and prolific "Voice of the People."   Topics might include: Snowden, the NSA, Manning, Wiki-leaks.
    D.C. Rapier is an outspoken relayer of truth, and proclaimer of justice. Along with his very vast musical background, spanning over 45 years, he is a writer, blogger, teacher, and regular contributor to ArtSeesDiner.com and ArtSees Diner Radio. Douglas is the founder of Blues Society of Taiwan, and involved in the International Blues movement. 
    There will be a brief follow-up conversation following the interview with Dr. Chomsky and D.C. Rapier. Listeners are encourged to call in at (646) 595-4620

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    01-05-18 Blacklisted News and Bible Prophecy

    in Current Events

    Blacklisted News and Bible Prophecy. The news behind the news with Prophet Sherry Shriner.