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    Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition by Frances Yates

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    On Thursday October 11th, 2018 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will review the classic study on Renaissance Magick by Dame Frances Yates (1899 - 1981), "Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition." (1964) This is a book that should be the cornerstone of any Hermetic student's library. Although the Italian philosopher and magician Giordano Bruno (1548 - 1600) is the main figure on which Yates centers her work, the book is in fact a broad study of Renaissance Hermetic Magick evolving from its Italian origins in the late Middle Ages and on through to Bruno's exposition of its post Copernican version. Hermetic Humanists accepted Copericus but the Church refused to abandon the geo-centric universe. Bruno, a Dominican monk was burned at the stake. Many considered him a Scientific martyr, but Yates contends that his heresies were Hermetic as well as scientific. So if you would like to explore the life and beliefs of Giordano Bruno, join us for a Hermetic Renaissance Faire.  

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    9-16-2018 "Zorra Call" Sunday, Updates and Q&A

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    Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses,
    This Sunday's call will be our regular Zorra Call. It will be Updates and Q&A. We are all looking forward to hearing some uplifting news. It does seem that even though some news are encouraging, we are hearing negative news about hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters. Yes, we are still waiting for the announcement of the 800#'s and get our RV/GCR underway also. 
    So what are the ways to change one's thoughts and feelings when one feels negative about life situations. As we know, life is not always a bowl of cherries.
    It always comes down to what one focuses on. You do create your own thoughts and therefore, you create your feelings. So when one finds oneself feeling negative, angry, stressed or upset, you created that reality. Your reality is a reflection of your thought creation. Only you can change that reality to a reality filled with love, joy and peace and meaning. If this was your last day on earth,  your perspective on life would change in an instant. From that point of view, you would realize what matters most and you would live your life based on what is meaningful for you and others. 
    This is the path of expansion and awakening to who you truly are! Every twist and turn on your Ascension journey is purposeful for your growth. 
    What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!
    LOVE to ALL Zorra, Saraiys, Zaraya/Billie and Quazar/Jane  
    P.S. Info on Taansen's calls on The Natural Law Trust and Debt Elimination can be found on our newsletter. 
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    PTRN~ RaiseTheHornsRadio (Mickie Mueller)/PammitsPorch(Gabriella Laughingbrook)

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    8pm Central   Jason invites Artist Mickie Mueller
    Mickie Mueller grew up beneath the great mountains and the desert sky of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was exposed to art all her life, both of her parents’ were prominent artists and craftspeople in the area, and she was influenced by many of the great artists of the Southwest, all friends of the family.  In her late teens, she moved with her family to the green rolling hills of Missouri were she now lives and makes her home and studio. Mickie began working as a freelance artist in 1983, showing her award winning art in local galleries, and her work appearing in newspaper ads, and CD/cassette covers for local bands.  She even worked for awhile as a computer colorist for comic book companies like Marvel, D.C. and Dark Horse to name a few.  
    Today Mickie has a growing business with her magical fantasy art.  Her work has been seen in magazines and books internationally, including a school textbook in Norway.  Her prints are sold in catalogues and on the Internet all over the world. She has two critically acclaimed divination decks published by Llewellyn, The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path.  Mickie’s third deck comes out in 2011 and is her first deck that she created on her own, concept, writing, and art.  The Voice of the Trees, A Celtic Ogham Oracle is based on the rich and fantastic Celtic history, myths and legends and the Ogham system of letters used in 4th-6th century.
    9pm Central  Pammit will be talking with Gabriella Tebbens of Laughingbrook Spellcrafting and Ancestral Arts in Huntersville, NC as we chat about community and political involvment 

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    Multidimensional Energy Electrician Raquel Spencer

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    Raquel Spencer is referred to as a Multidimensional Energy Electrician and  Cellular Light & Sound Specialist, and her skills come from Direct access to higher states of consciousness and memory.  Utilizing skills from lifetimes as a Hathor, Tibetan Monk, Atlantean Atla-Ra Priestess, knowledge from the original 13 Etheric Crystal Skulls and many cosmic / universal expressions, she unlocks your Human Super Computer to embody the highest level of your Divine Essence. Recognized by Shamans, High Priest/Priestess and Lamas alike, Raquel has traveled the world following her guidance to facilitate the awakening of Light workers, Star-seeds and seekers of universal truths.  Assisting thousands around the globe, she helps you accelerate your Spiritual Awakening and Expanding Your Consciousness.  Through Ancient & Light languages, codes, downloads and more…, her multidimensional activations accelerate the return to YOUR original blueprint as a Divine Human.  Her no-nonsense approach provides a refreshing and grounded pathway for personal growth.  Calling herself a Spiritual Warrior, her tagline says it all... “Guiding you through the B.S. and beyond so you can get on with what you’re here to do!”  Visit her website: https://www.raquelspencer.com
    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest to Starseeds not heard in the mainstream!
    Thanks for tuning in!

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    The New Moon Of Equality - with Ms.Blue

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    Join Ms.Blue & The Remix Family: The New Moon Of Equality 
    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 
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    Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: The Harvest with Miss Elvyra 10/7/18

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    The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour is a real, live call-in show where the general public gets a chance to ask about actual problems with love, career, and spiritual protection, and we recommend and fully describe hoodoo rootwork spells to address, ameliorate, and remediate their issues. We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of The Harvest. You will learn a lot just by listening -- but if you sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum and call in and your call is selected, you will get a free consultation from three of the finest workers in the field, cat yronwode, ConjureMan Ali, and a special guest from AIRR, Miss Elvyra.

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    Reiki Radio | Power Of Vulnerability

    in Spirituality

    Reiki Radio | The Reiki Podcast That Supports You and Your Practice!
    On this episode, Yolanda asks Kesley Tweed, of Iron Gypsy, how being vulnerable has shaped and supported her spiritual practice. Kesley also shares her experience of spirituality in every area of life, including her return to corporate environments.
    Additional points of discussion are:
    Finding Your Own Balance / Harmony
    How To "Take It Apart" for Examination (self healing)
    How To Feel Your Emotions
    How Resistance Amplifies Discomfort
    Re-identifying Yourself
    Reiki, Meditation and Astrology - including the current Venus retrograde energy
    Learn more about Kesley at http://kesleytweed.com
    Subscribe to Reiki Radio podcast to receive notification of upcoming episodes. Then access your free gifts and learn more about Yolanda at http://yewchi.com

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    Deep Space Platform, Collapse of U.S., the Blue-Skinned People, Might of Thought

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    It is a fact that we, the people on Earth, are continually monitored and surveyed by the DSP satellites stationed and circling in space around the Earth in a geosynchronous formation which guarantees that the planet is thoroughly surveyed around the clock, 24-hours a day. The Northrop Grumman-built Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites have been the spaceborne segment of NORAD's Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment system since 1970. This program is called the Deep Space Platform by insiders.

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    New Moon Surprises and Gamma Brain Waves!

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    In the first hour of the podcast Leslie will discuss:  New Moon in Libra, Mars is still in a square, or clash with retrograde Venus. Issues relating to relationships and/or money can come up at this time, and we will see some type of scandal in the world, if not more.
    Leslie will be accepting calls at the bottom of the first hour and Rosie will be taking calls during the last half hour. The call-in number is 1(714)888-7516.
    In the second hour Rosie will discuss:  Gamma Brain Waves and how to increase your brain frequency to incorporate Gamma Waves.
    The podcast is hosted by Rosalea, Leslie and co-hosted by Numa in chat!
    All Psychic Viewpoint Podcasts are sponsored by Blended Herbal Treasures at www.bhtshop.com.
    Rosie's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Rosalea88
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    Leslie's email: http://www.lesliehale-astrology.com
    Rosie's email: www.rosalea88@gmail.com
    Psychic Viewpoint groups:
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    ASCENSION: Warning Signs & Signals

    in Spirituality

    I wanted to talk a little bit off the cuff today about this subject because very rarely will you get signs from "spirit" as a warning that something bad is going to happen. This is not how it works in the spiritual world. This is a trained perspective. Something you've been taught to believe. For those who've trained themselves to "seek & align" with lower vibrations, they will get lower vibration signs or signals on occasion. Just as those of us with higher vibrations will receive higher vibrations signs and signals. However, this get's tricky when you are ascending, because everyone's vibration is moving. And when you are in this phase, it's important for you to learn how to discern the different messages you might be opening yourself up to. If you'd like to learn more, listen in...
    SPIRITUAL GURU BOX:  https://spiritualgurubox.com/
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    Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of Oct 10 to Oct 17

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    October is a good month to listen to yourself and what you say in your inner dialogue as relationships, finances, and self-love issues take centerstage. Focus on peace, harmony, and gratitude within yourself with deeper intentions. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter all continue moving forward this month, which loosens up any areas of stagnation or where slow energy has felt draining since this past summer.
    Free eBook for a limited time: "Healing Grief with Authenticity and Love"
    Free download available on Amazon worldwide from October 10 to 14, 2018 only. 
    Includes spiritual perspectives on Love and Abundance Imprint, Divine Feminine Energy, Divine Partnership, Heart Consciousness, Communal Wisdom, Honoring of Emotional Cycles, and Ho’oponopono. This complete story with spiritual teachings is a single chapter from the full version of the book, “The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire.”
    Amazon US
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    More astrology videos and topics here on YouTube - Molly McCord
    Join bestselling author, consciousness teacher, intuitive and astrologer Molly McCord for this weekly podcast. Molly shares inspiring cosmic messages, astrological updates, spirituality insights, and timeless wisdom to add empowering awesomeness to your life - and have some fun along the way! Molly's spiritual awakening began in 2002, and she delightfully offers her years of growth and experiences in each episode to inspire, uplift and upLIGHT your journey.