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    The Water Of Life Symposium (WOLS) is honored to present on this opening day of 2019, The Extraordinarily Excellent Energy of WOLS – WOW!!
    Find out the numerous benefits of the Water Of Life, including emotional balance, spiritual connectedness, hormonal balance and more.
    We receive the scriptural confirmation; the medical knowledge and the reports of actual healings from each of the regular (UT) urine therapy drinkers.
    Urine Therapy is also known as drinking of one's self and The Water Of Life. Several Extraordinary women will be presenting tonight on various aspects of the benefits on this Holistic Practice.
    See you on the radio

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    Creating A Successful Mindset

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    Join host and founder of Women About Biz, Trina Newby as she shares way to start and grow your small business.  This month's theme for December 2018 is "Becoming A Fabulous Leader". Today, Trina will discuss "Creating A Successful Mindset".

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    L.I.F.E. Radio

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    Welcome to L.I.F.E. Radio (Ladies In Formation Experience), the hosts KK, Nola G, and Lady J will re-introduce you to the inner workings of a woman's mind, body and soul. These intellegent wives, mothers, daughters, and business women will be discussing all topics in relation to women and women empowerment. In this day and age it is crucial that women rise up and command their respect and equality. L.I.F.E. Radio will be that voice for women, that guiding light for women, that leader for women standing in Formation with experience and knowledge.  In the words of Maya Angelou "They are women phenomenally and phenomenal women they are." 

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    Michigan City Man Wrongly Accused of Manslaughter Seeks Real Killers

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    Ralph Murry was beaten unconscious at a nightclub in Michigan City Indiana, and another man at the nightclub Lionel Hales, was shot to death. When he regained conscious he found himself wrongly accused of manslaughter on August 3, 1986.  After spending 30 days in jail, he was released on bond. Despite eyewitnesses that identified someone else in detail, the Michigan City police continued to try to prosecute him for the killing for three years, ignoring evidence that there was no gunpowder residue on his fingers, meaning that he had not fired a gun.  Eventually police forced him into pleading guilty of possessing a handgun without a permit. After that, police dismissed the case, but never pursued the real killers in the case. Ralph Murry is seeking to have the Mayor and the County Prosecutor reopen the case and pursue the killers, to bring justice, clear his name, and bring peace to the grieving family.

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    Influence: Building a Platform to Elevate Jesus (Not Me)

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Shannon Popkin, you'll discover:
    3 critical questions about platform-building as Christians The 2 ditches of platform-building The secret of building a platform that exalts Jesus (not me) 4 new challenges faced by today’s digital influencer         A simple strategy to give the underconfident influencer courage A simple strategy (the same one!) to keep the overconfident influencer humble 2 God-appointed strategies for spreading truth and light The secret to breaking free from the “Comparison Trap” A 3-step “heart sifting” formula for determining next steps in platform building 5 guidelines for godly (not pushy) networking The key to aligning your platform-building efforts with God’s Author and speaker, Shannon Popkin, blends her humor and storytelling gifts with her passion for God’s Word. Shannon reminds women that God’s in control, so they don’t have to be. Learn more at http://www.ShannonPopkin.com

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    Toxic Parents

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    We will be discussing the book by Susan Forward, Ph.D, Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life.

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    Slow food, super greens, fermented food & herbal alchemy.

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    Have you truly thought about the frequency, the life force energy of your food?  If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, if you want to take your health to the next level and if you want to bring it all to your kitchen table with a higher frequency and with more mindfulness then don't miss this interview.  Shakti Grace (aka The Holistic Chef) talks slow food, clean food, fermented food and herbal alchemy to nurture and nourish your family.  She has translated her cheffing skills from high-end private yachts to your table.  Shakti brings fine food to the household kitchen and includes super foods, fermented foods and herbal alchemy so that you can enjoy food on a whole new level - a level of nourishment and healing.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" has a whole new meaning here.  Not only medicine for the body, but also for the soul, your family and the planet. www.theholisticchef.com.au

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    "Women's Grit & Grace: It's Simple, Altho' Not Always Easy "

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    Life offers women more choices than ever, so why aren't women happier than ever? It's simple-more choices is not the same as knowing YOUR choices which will create the happiness and love you are seeking. It really is simple-altho not always so easy. Simple is knowing what is true for you and living with congruence to this in you choices of actions and even your words. Simple is knowing what makes you happy-and then making those your choices you commit to action. Easy? Not if you are a people pleaser and don't like to make waves.
    Join JaiKaur as she shares how making your life simple may not be easy but is will make you happier and more likely to have the love you desire more present in your life.  JaiKaur mentors women for embracing their power in life and love. If you would like to learn more about JaiKaur's support for women doing so check out her website or email her.

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    On Air With Felicia V. Petit-Frere (Coach Fe)

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    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show - Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. EST | www.Sharvette.com
    Meet our guest: Felicia V. Petit-Frere, MBA (Coach Fe)
    Felicia is the CEO and founder of Windsong Financial Coaching LLC.  She is a financial coach, budding author and speaker.  She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Averett University and a BS in Accounting from Norfolk State University. Her coaching style involves professionalism, integrity and approachability.  She has a unique gift for making the complicated clear.
    Learn more: https://sharvette.com/on-air-with-felicia-petit-frere/

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    No one should be alone for New Years!

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    Even though I have taken a break from talk radio while I concentrate on the completion of my doctoral program, tonight no one should be alone for the New Year.  Join me for a look back on the good, bad and downright ugly of 2018.  Make no mistake we will be leaving the negative in the old year as we welcome the new year with definite promises of health, happiness, joy, prosperity, love, and peace of mind, spirit, and soul.
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    Christian Author Romel Duane Moore Sr.

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    We are going to get to the this well-written book and dive into some of the topics. We have the author to answer questions on his series