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    Richard Stallman and The History of Open Source & Free Software, Pt. 2

    in Science

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    In 1998, a group of people broke away from the Free Software Foundation and created instead the Open Source Initiative. What were their motives? Richard Stallman, the founder of the FSF, and Tim O'Reilly who helped popularize the term 'Open Source' discuss the history of Open Source & Free Software.
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    Stories About the Stories We Increasingly Live By

    in Psychology

    Our stories are increasingly narrow and do not communicate across larger social groups. Our stories contain  fewer facts but more myths, fantasies, and outright lies. Our stories are growing shorter with fewer meaningful narratives. Our stories have fewer heroes unless they are fictional superheroes but contain more villains. Our stories are less about skills and resilience and more about victimization and trauma. Our stories are incresingly based on judgment rather than description.  

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    Dark Wisdom Discussions: What is this all about?

    in Energy

    Dark Wisdom Discussion: What is Dark Wisdom
    For Consults Sign up here: http://store.thegoddessnetworks.com/products/consultations

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    Calumet Beginnings with Ken Schoon

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with author and geologist Ken Schoon about the ancient shorelines and settlements at the south end of Lake Michigan.

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    Grief: dealing with loss of a loved one --The need for support and self care

    in Psychology

    This episode focused on the grief process.  Identify stages of grief, triggers of grief, and coping skills.
    Musical examples from Bruce Springsteen, George Harrision, Sting and Ambrosia illustrate some of the concepts of grief.
    Emphasis on support and self care are stressed.

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    The Way of Healing "Overcoming Depression" host Susan Brozek, MSW, LCSW

    in Psychology

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out Radio where we are raeching out to be the hands and feet of jesus Christ sharing the Gospel and the message of the cross into the nations.
    Your host tonight is Susan Brozek, MSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical psychotherapist, and Director and Founder of Healing Word Psychotherapy Service, LLC.  She is also a #1 Bestselling author. Susan can be heard on “The Way of Healing”, a bi-weekly radio broadcast on Reaching Out Radio, which presents a Christian perspective on mental, emotional and spiritual health issues. 
    Key purposes of this broadcast are to bring listeners a Christian view on mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues, to serve as a resource and knowledge base for the general public on a broad variety of mental health-related issues, and, hopefully, to help remove the stigma that is too frequently attached to people who are struggling in some area of their mental, emotional, or spiritual health.
      Topics discussed on the program will include discovering God’s prescription for good mental health, identity in Christ, fear and anxiety, stress, depression, overcoming abuse, grief, anger, shame and guilt, codependency and victim mentality, marital conflict, loneliness, trials and suffering, spiritual warfare issues, substance abuse and addiction, discerning God’s will, false belief systems and the importance of the renewing of the mind, and many others. All topics will be looked at through a Biblical lens and will integrate the living and active Word of God as the catalyst for healing! 
    We thank you for your continued prayers and support God bless you!!

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    Charles Murray: The Bell Curve, Coming Apart, And Middlebury Chaos

    in Psychology

    In this episode, Zach Rhoads (a Vermont liberal) allows Murray to do what he was not able to do when he came to Middlebury campus.... SPEAK. 
    Murray talks about the violent welcome he received in Vermont and defends the thesis of his most controversial book The Bell Curve , coauthored by Richard Hernstein
    Murray also sums up another book, Coming Apart, about white America... and the would-have-been topic of his talk at Middlebury College

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    in Energy

    Date : 9 12/18 "Solar Now and The Future with its Economic Impact on Blackm America  Eposid 86
    Host; Ronald Bethea
    11:00 am - 11:30 Host:  Topic of Discussion: How much does it cost to put up a solar farm on a 30 acre piece of land?
    At 18% efficiency, 1000 Wp(solar)/m2 translates to 180 Wp(electrical)/m2. 30 acres is 121,406 m2. That’s 21.85 MWp(electrical). At $4.50 per peak watt that’s $98.33 million capital cost. Each watt peak electrical averages over the year 188 milliwatts given the fact its not sunny all the time. So, that reduces you average power output to 4.1 MW. That’s 36 million kWh per year. At $0.11 per kWh that’s worth $3.96 million per year. This just about covers your maintenance costs only. Using advanced concentrating solar panels that are 55% efficient, and convert rain water and sunlight into hydrogen gas, and using the hydrogen gas to run gas fired power plant at 36% efficiency121,406 m2 * 550 W/m2 (peak) * 0.188 utilisation * 0.36 (thermal) = 4.52 MW avg. Which is about the same, but the fuel gives you the flexibility to load match, and operate at night. At $0.11 per kWh this produces a revenue of $4.355 million per year. A 30 year contract is worth $130.6 million. The present value of the revenue stream over the same term, when discounted at 8% is $52.95 million. These are so cheap, MOKENERGY for example, sells the power not the equipment. You provide the land, and the company does the rest, is their motto. An off-take agreement at $0.11 from a credit-worthy buyer and the payment of a 10% of the contract discounted value ($5.95 million) as retainer for a study, and you’re good to go. Tax credits, carbon credits, and other benefits, are worked out as well and reduce power costs. Power costs are fixed over the 30 year term.

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    Your Brain and Creativity-How to Engage Your Brain to Be More Creative.

    in Psychology

    What is creativity? Where is it found in the brain? How is creativity connected to sleep? Can you train your brain to become more creative? If so how? All these questions will be answered on the Brain Lady Speaks show. Join today and find out what some of the newest research in neuroscience is showing us about the brain and creativity. Learn why some individuals brains are innately more creative and how no matter what your brain personality connection is you too can become more creative.
    Want Brain Lady Julie's top tips for training a creative brain? Send and email to info@YourBestMindOnline.com and put "Creative Brain" in the subject box.
    For more info on the YBM Certification Program or any of Julie’s products and services email Brain Lady Julie at info@YourBestMindOnline.com or visit the site www.YourBestMindOnline.com Connect with Brain Lady Julie on all of the social media places FACEBOOK facebook.com/purplebrainlady/ or facebook.com/YourBestMindOnline/ LINKEDIN: BrainLadyJulie TWITTER: @BrainLady INSTAGRAM: BrainLadyJulie

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    Serotonin and Competitiveness

    in Social Sciences

    Serotonin creates the feeling of social importance, so how does it affect competitiveness at work?
    This podcast is a live call-in with Loretta Breuning, PhD, author of Habits of a Happy Brain: Retrain your brain to boost your serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphin levels. Questions? InnerMammalInstitute.org/podcast.
    Happiness is caused by four special brain chemicals: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin. When you know how they work in animals, you can find your power over them in daily life.
    The happy chemicals are not designed to flow all the time for no reason. They evolved to reward behaviors that promote survival in the state of nature. They are only released in short spurts, so you always have to do more to get more. This makes life frustrating!
    Our chemicals are controlled by neural pathways built from life experience. Neurons connect when your happy chemicals flow, which wires you to repeat behaviors that felt good before. Fortunately, you can re-wire yourself, but it’s not easy. That’s why we keep discussing and asking questions.
    The Inner Mammal Institute has resources that help you make peace with your inner mammal: books, videos, blogs, graphics, and podcasts. You’ll find out what turns on your happy chemicals in the state of nature, and how you can turn them on today. InnerMammalInstitute.org
    It’s not easy being mammal! But you can build your power over your mammalian brain chemicals. Listen! Read! Join the conversation! Music from Sonatina Soleil by W.M. Sharp. Hear more of it at InnerMammalInstitute.org/musicbywmsharp.

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