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    Health Matters - Hope For People Living with Chronic Pain

    in Motivation

    Join Dr Nelson and his guest Dr Hal S Blatman! Hal S. Blatman, MD, is the founder and medical director of the Blatman Health and Wellness Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a nationally recognized specialist in myofascial pain, and co-author of Winners' Guide to Pain Relief, a reference for treating myofascial pain, from migraine headaches to plantar fascitiis. He is credentialed in Pain Management, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine, and is a Craniosacral Therapist and Healing Touch practitioner. After receiving his medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1980, Dr. Blatman completed two years of training in orthopedic surgery. He later studied ergonomics and toxicology during his residency training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Cincinnati Hospital. In the early 1990’s, he studied with the late Dr. Janet Travell, MD, a pain physician to president Kennedy. Dr. Blatman currently leads a team that specializes in the Holistic and Comprehensive rehabilitation, body restoration, and treatment of pain, ligament and tendon injury, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. He is a past president of the American Holistic Medical Association, with offices also in Manhattan and Seattle.

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    The Zoe Moon Astrology MARS in PISCES/ MERCURY RETROGRADE Show

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    Mars rules war, blood, anger, aggression, competition, and fights, Mars also rules passion, sex, personal drive, determination, courage, and motivation. It rules younger men, the ardent youth within all and physical activity. And in our week ahead it is moving into Pisces, the sign of it's fall. So, what do we take away from this? Well, since it wants action now or even yesterday, in a water sign that has no boundaries like Pisces it can get a little sloggy or deep or downright weird. We may have to move on things and trust we will see clearly once this transit is over or hold ourselves back since things are not picking up enough steam to suit us. This may be about hidden situations, karmic matters, magical things, anything in the arts, a spiritual matter, the romance, an addiction or bad habit, a tendency to retreat, isoate or hide, the research or investigation, a hospital or other institution, or secrets or deceptions, spies or hidden enemies. It's complicated. Our week ahead is also about Venus Retrograde ending and our now forward motion back into love, income, women, and beauty themes as it slowly picks up speed through it's shadow. It is also about MERCURY RETROGRADE which begins on the 16th and lasts through Dec 6th, taking us back over legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, wedding, religious, or political topics while in Sagittarius (Nov 16-Dec 1) and then through financial, sexual, divorce, death, birth, or reproductive matters while in Scorpio (Dec 1-6th)   So, tune in, I'll go over this for each sign as well as hit on the other highlights for our week ahead!

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    Regain Your Time and Reduce Stress Using A Driving Service

    in Self Help

    As we approach the hectic holiday season why not give yourself a break from the stressful commute and use a driving service.  Tune in as Thomas Firchow of Your Executive Driver shares how you can reduce your stress and increase your productivity by leaving the driving to them.
    Your Executive Driver™ Service lets you travel in the comfort of your own vehicle, while you relax, conduct business, have phone/text conversations, or enjoy conversation with friends, knowing Your Executive Driver™ is professionally trained, licensed, and insured.  Leave the driving to Your Executive Driver™
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    Moving Beyond Codependency with Prodependency with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    It is time to stop pathologizing family members who love addicts. Rob Weiss is at the forefront of starting a new movement to understand the plight of loved ones of addicts and see them in a new light. If you have wondered if you are codependent you must listen to this show

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    Episode 66: Shake Self-Hate

    in Self Help

    Tip #5 - to shake you out of that self hate funk - and get to the self love
    Ban the self hate talk - no more. Just say NO when you mind starts racing and thinking about how horrible you are, how could you do this, just stop yourself.
    Cut the booze and pot; to clear your head and hear your heart, if you are self medicating because you can't face whatever it is, and you’re in pain, you are dulling the pain for sure, but you’re also dulling everything else.
    Splash water on your face - or if you can jump in the pool. Let that cold water shock the mean girl right out of you. Even if you’re not a big fan of the water or pools or rivers or whatever, this is going to change your tone real quickly enough to get you away from beating yourself up and into to soothing.
    Cut up a bunch of paper hearts - now you can write little love messages on them, or things you want to forgive yourself for, or you could even write down some of the horrible things you say to yourself, and then burn them. That’s right, here at self care is sexy I am give you permission to burn your hearts out. Because sometimes you have to do these weird little things to shake it up. And it’s really carthitc.
    Cook yourself something to eat - making yourself food is an act of self care. And it’s something you need to do anyway, but maybe put the effort into it like it was a date or something, you know bust out the wine glasses, even if your drinking water, and set the table, instead of eating over the sink or at the couch watching tv, do it up right, find a new recipe and have a three course spread; salad or soup the main deal and a desert. Do this. Do this for you.

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    Randi Fine Answers Your Questions About Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse

    in Relationships

    Free Advice Friday
    As a survivor of Narcissistic abuse myself I know how frustrating, helpless, and confusing this disorder can be to deal with. As an experienced counselor I know that issues dealing with this problem are always arising. I am fully aware that many of you cannot afford the out of pocket expense of paying for counseling, but do have important questions you would like answered. I can and want to help all of you work through these sensitive issues. The second Friday of every month my internet radio show, A Fine Time for Healing, will be entirely devoted to taking to your calls and answering your questions about NPD. The advice is FREE! The show airs at 11 a.m. EST and runs for 45 minutes. The number you will call to connect with the show and speak to me is 424-220-1801. This time will not be a convenient one for everyone so there is another way for you to get your questions answered. Just email me ahead of time and I will read your questions on air and answer them. I assure you that your identity will be kept anonymous. All shows will be recorded and archived after broadcasting. They can be listened to at your convenience by clicking on the link I will provide you when you email me. Please send your emails to loveyourlife@randigfine.com with “Radio Show Question” in the subject heading.

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    GSMC Relationship Podcast The Sex Edition Episode 156 It Works Nicely (11-12-18)

    in Relationships

    John talks about rekindling your sexual relationship between partners that have a long history of time but maybe haven't been sexual in a while for various reasons. From how to initiate the conversation to having a positive listening of your lover. All of this helps to encourage the conversation that may be difficult to begin but once it starts then the rest is easier. 
    As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the show you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as YouTube. Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review. That way you’ll always be among the first to get the latest GSMC Relationship Podcasts.
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    Disclaimer: The views expressed on the GSMC Relationship Podcast are for entertainment purposes only. Reproduction, copying, or redistribution of The GSMC Relationship Podcast without the express written consent of Golden State Media Concepts LLC is prohibited.

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    Awakening the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal w/ Dr. Habib Sadeghi & Sister Jenna

    in Self Help

    Dr. Habib Sadeghi is the founder of Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center in Agoura Hills, CA. He specializes in a multi-disciplinary approach to chronic illnesses such as cancer and auto-immune disease with comprehensive treatment protocols that incorporate a wide range of interventions. His success in integrating Eastern and Western treatment modalities has earned him a respected reputation resulting in a patient base that reaches around the world. Dr. Sadeghi is a sought-after expert within the international holistic medical community on psychosomatic illness and the phenomenon of somaticizing unresolved emotional trauma into physical disease. 
    He has authored two books, The Clarity Cleanse and Within: A Spiritual Awakening to Love & Weight Loss. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and the lifestyle website, Goop, and serves as the editor-in-chief and publisher of the annual health and wellness journal, MegaZEN. Visit www.BeHiveofHealing.com.
    Get the Inclusion Revolution CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating.  Visit www.AmericaMeditating.org.  Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.

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    5 Steps To Ignoring A Narcissist Who Tries To Punish You

    in Relationships

    Ignoring a narcissist is critical, and ignoring a narcissist is crucial when a narcissist tries to punish you.
    Narcissists love to get your reaction. As soon as they do, you are handing power away.
    And … when a narcissist hooks you in, everything you used to think is tipped upside down and turned on its head. We hand power away and can be significantly abused.
    Until we know better we think that combatting a narcissist is the answer, but it isn’t.
    IGNORING them is … and please learn the five ways to DO this in our POWER in this week’s radio show.

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    News for the Soul: Peace of Mind with Janine, NFTS Highlights with Luminaries

    in Self Help

    News for the Soul - Intuition, Empowerment, Inspiration & Beyond (646) 595 4274
    Welcome to the BTR Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained. NFTS was launched in January 1997 as a positive news newspaper in the Vancouver, B.C. area in January 1997 by journalist Nicole Whitney. Over the years, NFTS evolved into the NFTS RADIO NETWORK :::
    Find all of todays NFTS show listings here: http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows-page/todays-shows

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