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    Survivor with Jay, Jack + Colleen: Ep. 9.8 - "Playing with the Devil"

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    Jay, Jack, and Colleen discuss the eighth episode of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers," titled, "Playing with the Devil."
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    The Werewolf (1974)

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    In the fifth episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Carl squared off with a ragged werewolf (Eric Braeden).  Written by Paul Playdon and David Chase, the teleplay was cut down from 70 pages, leaving something that didn't quite hold together, despite Allen Baron's deft direction. 

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    Dancing with the Stars with Cyndi, Heather + Jack: Ep. 3.8 "Semifinals"

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    Jack, Cyndi, and Heather talk about week 9 of Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars, "Semifinals."
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    051 - Captain Tilly

    in Television

    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" Analysis.
    Energy beings and Klingon plots prove to be so complicated that the trio is joined by guest Norman Lao (co-host, “Blood of Kings” & “DiscoVille” podcasts) to discuss this episode. They attempt to figure out if anyone died, whether possessed characters have culpability for their actions, and what the cliffhanger ending means for the mid-season finale. Let us know your thoughts — did we get it right?

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    RHAPpy Hour | Nicole Franzel | Big Brother 18 Retrospective

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    Jordan and Taran Armstrong are joined by Nicole Franzel (BB16, BB18) to break down her game week by week during her time in the Big Brother 18 house. After talking about Nicole's preparation before entering the house for a second time they get into:
    How well she had known Paulie prior to playing with him What it was like to work with Frank early on How she managed to get back on track following Zakiyah's eviction in Week 7 The subtle move she made to convince Natalie to flip on Paul and Victor Her response to people who don't believe she was worthy of the win And much more! Subscribe to the RHAPpy Hour to make sure you never miss an episode!
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    Episode 79 - Stranger Things 2

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    Review of Netflix's Stranger Things 2
    Just in time for Halloween, we're back in Hawkins, Indiana. The whole gang is here: Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Nancy, Steve, Johnathan, Joyce, Hopper, and of course, Eleven. We also have a few new faces to grace the streaming screen. Last year, season one took America and the world by storm. It was THE show to talk about and you felt like you were a part of the in-crowd when you talked about it. There were several questions at the end of season one: What's the deal with Hopper's box? Where is Eleven? Did Will spit up a baby Demogorgon? Season two ventures to answer ... some of those questions.
    This week we talk all about season two. What we liked, what made us uncomfortable, and what was a complete waste of time. Listen to find out if season two gave us the payoff that the audience thought it deserved after waiting over a year. 

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    EP 9 – Soap Talk – Coming Out Swinging

    in Television

    EP 9 – Soap Talk – Coming Out Swinging
    The TV Source Podcast talks about Days of our Lives' wild week, Mariah's coming out on The Young and the Restless, and a huge stunt on UK soap opera Hollyoaks.
    Check out a preview of the rundown for the episode taped November 5, 2017:
    The Carlivati Effect on NBC's Days of our Lives – Executive producer Ken Corday has high praise for the show's new head writer, and it was legitimate for a change. Where does Paul go post-Will reveal? Preview of the controversial shooting storyline with JJ and Theo. Also DAYS' taping schedule.   Mariah's Coming out on The Young and the Restless – An unexpected but well appreciated non—promoted development with Mariah Copeland's (Camryn Grimes) coming out to her mother Sharon. It's hard to admit when you've fallen for a friend, especially a friend you shouldn't. How did Y&R handle the scenes? We talk about the strengths (and weaknesses) of the material; the extended time given for the scenes and the juxtaposition with the club fire.   No one does stunts like quite like UK soap Holloaks. Though we discuss the hyped school fire, we also give reasons why for why fans should give the genre across the pond a chance.   Things We Want More Of – Do we want more romance? Do we want more diversity? Do we want more drama? A brief teaser of a later show topic where discuss the kind of stories/emotions we want to feel from our soaps. Episode Runtime: 01:15
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    Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Finale Podcast | Engagements and Break-ups Galore!

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    Amy and Haley share their reactions about the Bachelor in Paradise finale, with one engagement and a slew of break-ups.
    In this podcast, they talk about:
    the announcement of Arie Luyendyk Jr as the next Bachelor the mass exodus of couples including Christen and Jack Stone, Diggy and Dominique and Jaimi, Jasmine and Tickle Monster, Dean and Danielle, and Robby and Amanda three couples choosing to go to the fantasy suite dates: Lacey and Daniel, Adam and Raven, and Taylor and Derek Daniel denying telling Lacey he was falling for her on their final date Dean's hot seat at the reunion show Robby and Amanda's confrontation on the reunion show Adam and Raven still going strong as a couple at the reunion show Derek and Taylor getting engaged on the reunion show listener questions and more! Thanks to everyone for tuning in this season! Follow Amy (@RHAPrecapper) and Haley (@hstrong_) on Twitter and share your thoughts in the comments!

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    Take the Black Podcast: We look back on the second half of Game of Thrones S7

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    Welcome to another episode of Take the Black, Winter is Coming’s Game of Thrones podcast. This week, we continue our look back at season 7 recap, picking up with “Eastwatch” and going through to the end of “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Our panel picks (and nitpicks) through the highs and lows.
    Our topics include:
    Jaime and Bronn’s escape from Drogon. Too much? Is Cersei’s pregnancy a fake? We gush over Jon Snow’s bonding moment with Drogon. Jorah returns, but he hasn’t left the friendzone. Fermented Crab must taste awful. We tackle Jon Snow’s quest to catch a wight. We weren’t huge fans. “Beyond the Wall” in general takes a bit of a beating. On the rebound, we loved the Dragonpit sequence from “The Dragon and the Wolf.” We discuss the dimensions and implications of #BoatSex, which was made all the better because of Kit Harington’s amazing bottom. Littlefinger’s death was awesome, but the story that led it… Undead Viserion was scary as f*ck. What happened to Tormund and Beric? As usual, Take the Black leans heavily on the NSFW side (beware of F-bombs). You’ve been warned.
    UPDATE: Apologies for the technical difficulties. The episode should play just fine now.

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    804 "Some Guy" Instant Cast

    in Television

    Here is our quick instant cast on our thoughts of the 804 “Some Guy”. We will be back Tuesday with a full recap.
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    051 Sistah Speak: Game of Thrones (S6E10)

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    Join us as we discuss the Game of Thrones season six finale entitled, “The Winds of Winter”. Thank you, Sistah Speak Nation, for a fantastic season! Sistah Speak Family Reunion Join us in Chicago on July 9th for the SS Family Reunion. We will have food, music, and dranks! We hope to see you there. Register now at sistahspeakpodcast.com/events. […]