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For over 50 years the progressive movement has worked to redefine the intent of our Constitution by erecting a legalistic wall of separation between Church & State. They have succeeded in their endeavor through legislation and adjudication that encourages government dependence and the licensing of immorality that removes personal responsibility. It's time to take back our Republic by breaching that wall of separation and reclaiming our heritage. Join us as we tackle the issues that are important in our quest for reformation and stability.

On-Demand Episodes

Donald Huber, former aide-de-camp for Ford, Reagan and Bush Sr. joined us to discuss the only REAL issue regarding Obama's citizenship, that being his dual citizenship that took him overseas to Indonesia. This is NOT in line with the... more

Matthew Virgiin, Director of International Affairs for the non for profit organization ?We The People Family Preservation? joined us regarding an ongoing investigation into corruption at Pennsylvania's Child Protective Agency, who... more

Monday Co-Host Deborah Pauly vetted Claude Parrish, a candidate for Orange County Assessor. Mr. Parrish represented the 3rd District on the 5-member State Board of Equalization in the late 90s/early 2000s. A December 2000 Cal-Tax... more

Frank Cotolo from "The Cotolo Chronicles" joined me in the first of 2 days of discussion on the marketing of politics. Frank and I could not be more diametrically opposed spiritually and politically but have common ground on this... more

Warren Duffy, nationally known former LA Radio host turned activist and author talked about his book ?The Green Tsunami - A Tidal Wave of Eco-Babble Drowning Us All? on the leftist global warming agenda. He also explained to us... more

Co-Host Deborah Pauly had as her guest Senior Deputy District Attorney Jeff Ferguson, a candidate for Orange County Superior Court Judge. Jeff shared his experiences from three decades with the OCDA's office, seeking justice and... more

Well, the Blowhard-In-Chief has finished yet another repackaged redistribution, class warfare attempt to dismantle Congress, the Constitution and anything else that threatens his campaign for "Change". So there's not a lot to say... more

Craig Andresen from "The National Patriot" joined me as we started the night off examining Obama's SOTU message as much as possible considering it was the same stuff in a new bag. This time we focused on the sedated reaction of the... more

THE CONTINUING SAGA OF SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO: Monday Co-Host Deborah Pauly will have Wayne Tate, the attorney representing Community Common Sense (CCS) Newspaper in its lawsuit against Suan Juan Capistrano,... more

Last night we discussed how the left is showing their campaign strategy for this year. Tonight we had as our guest Bob Cardoza from "Robert Cardoza LIVE". We talked about what the GOP Establishment WILL NOT do as they prepare to... more