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Prepper Podcast Radio(℠) -a subsidiary of POSH Media -www.prepperpodcast.com -Founded to give all preppers a home to listen to respected preppers in your community. Founded in 2009 by the American Preppers Network, as the first Preppers Podcast (℠) in the world and the Longest Preparedness Radio Network (℠). If you wish to rebroadcast a show it must be left in its entirety with no editing. We Reserve all rights, written permission required.

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Project Mimir Rob discusses some issues that most people don't consider in a major apocalypse - the will to survive and personal grooming. There's also some sage advice about picking your idols/experts, and what to watch out for. Finally,... more

tonight's show on the Eagle's Nest we will be going over what I've learned over the last three years in the prepper and patriot movements in general. What to do and what not to do in a survival situation. Come join us tomorrow at 7pm... more

Spanish Show-Off Spanish warship orders Gibraltar boats to leave British waters Haiti Protests No medicines, records or equipment: Haiti hospital struggles during protests Russian Tomahawks Russia's new nuclear cruise missile has entered... more

This week let's welcome Mark Tufo on the Written Apocalypse. Our host this week is Cody Mann, an up and coming host of many things on our networks. Check him out on the Web for more shows and archives head over to... more

[Dispatch] Why the Area Study is Vital on the Forward Observer More shows and archives on PrepperPodcast.com Join us for more in the Facebook Group ForwardObserver.com Follow Forward Observer: Forward Observer TV... more

Prepare for the most likely threat. And, right now, that's the Left. Jeff Reynolds, author of the book Behind the Curtain, tells us about how the Left is funded by billionaires - and how that affects your prepping. On the After Show for Patreon... more

Tonight on the Eagle's nest we will be discussing when is enough enough. When will we decide to act as citizens to prevent a civil war or even can we. What will the next few years look like and then future for our kids and grand kids. More... more

Prepper Intelligence show rundown - 11/02/2019 Zombie Deer ‘Zombie deer' brain disease spreads to 24 US states & Canada… and increasingly threatens HUMANS Catalonia Crash At least 1 dead, dozens injured as two... more

Counterinsurgency Doctrine - Community Security (Pt. 1) on The Forward Observer More shows and archives on PrepperPodcast.com Join us for more in the Facebook Group ForwardObserver.com

Some preppers treat prepping as a hobby or intellectual pursuit; it's neither. Prepping is about being practical, getting stuff done, and not obsessing with little details that get in the way of getting it done. We also talk about the two school of... more
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